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Renaissance Microfilms

Renaissance Music Microfilms

The Music and Performing Arts Library holds the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of Renaissance polyphonic music microfilms in the world, forming the core of the distinguished Musicological Archives for Renaissance Manuscript Studies.


Fraenkel Collection

Gottfried Samuel Fraenkel (1901-1984)
Photo taken from National Academy of Sciences. Biographical Memoirs 59 (1990).

Fraenkel Collection

The Gottfried Fraenkel collection consists of about 900 published works of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century European musicians, including first editions of major composers.  In 2014 the Fraenkel Collection was processed and moved to the Rare Books and Manuscript Library (See RBML for access).  Titles can be found in the online catalog with an "author" search of "Fraenkel Collection".

Ethnomusicology Image


 The Music and Performing Arts Library's ethnomusicology holdings support a doctoral-level program, including books and journals in English and foreign languages, a broad selection of folk-song collections and other printed music sources, videotapes, and approximately 7,000 Western and non-Western commercially-issued sound recordings.