Central Midwest Regional Educational Laboratory

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Central Midwest Regional Educational Laboratory (CEMREL) Aesthetic Education Program materials


Cataloged and uncatalogued materials under jurisdiction of University of Illinois Education Library


With encouragement of Prof. Richard Colwell of the School of Music, acquired as gift to the University after closure of CEMREL lab in St. Louis

When acquired



May contain relatively little material relating strictly to music. Total of 177 cartons delivered to the University and stored temporarily in the Music Library during the latter half of 1985. "The materials would include films, works of art, recordings, books, draft copies of many materials never published, published items, and a host of excellent material on some of the more significant research in aesthetic education during the past decade and a half." (Letter, R. Colwell, 12 Oct 1982).


Dispersed among Education Library holdings.

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No listing of individual Items. Some materials were fully cataloged; others remain in cataloging backlog as of September 2001

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Aesthetic education; CEMREL (Central Midwest Regional Educational Laboratory)