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Online Resources in Mathematics

Many of the online resources on this page and mentioned elsewhere in the Math Library website are licensed by the Library for use by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign faculty and students. To access licensed resources from off-campus, please use only the links provided on this pages and other pages of the Math Library Website. To establish your identity as a UIUC affiliate, you may be asked to provide your NetID & password when connecting from off-campus.

For questions about accessing electronic resources from off-campus, visit the Mathematics Library's
Frequently Asked Questions About Electronic Resources.  For more information about about using Library online resources check out eBook Searching, e-readers, and the Ebook Vendor Comparison Chart.

Monographs & Books

Increasingly, new books in mathematics are acquired by the Library in electronic format in addition to, or instead of, print. This includes nearly all books published by Springer-Verlag and its Birkhauser subsidiaries. Many older books have been digitized and made available online. Links to digital versions of books can be found in our online catalog and also in:

Use the Library's Easy Search feature to look for books in multiple online platforms at once. Just click on the "Books" tab.


Many current and recent Math Library journal subscriptions are available only in electronic format, or in electronic format in addition to print. Many additional journals of interest to mathematicians are available online without a subscription.

The Mathematics Library maintains a core list of math journals available online, including all those online journals to which we have paid subscriptions.

The University Library list of Online Research Resources includes links to additional journals related to mathematics.

Abstracting and indexing services are another source to use in searching for scholarly journal articles.  The two most relevant electronic indexes for mathematicians (which developed from long-standing print resources) are:

Online collections of particular use to mathematicians include:

If you have an article citation in hand, try using the Library's Journal and Article Locator to discover whether UIUC has access to the article.  Enter the journal name, and any additional information to begin the search. 

If UIUC does not own the article you are looking for, request a PDF copy through ILLiad, the interlibrary loan system (you will need your NetID and password to access your account).

If you need any assistance locating a monograph or journal article, or if you would like further information on the Library's online resources, please contact the Mathematics Library.