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Current Journals of Interest to Mathematicians

Current Journals of Interest to Mathematicians

Nancy D. Anderson
Mathematics Librarian Emerita
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The citations are composed of the complete title (using cataloged entry), followed by the title abbreviation used in Mathematical Reviews, the publisher and place of publication, the ISSN number (when known), the departmental library location, and status or call number. Cross references are provided if the entry is greatly different from the abbreviation used by Mathematical Reviews. Also, abbreviations have been provided for some titles which are not indexed in Mathematical Reviews.

Use the form below to search the journals and serials held at the Mathematics Library. You can search by keyword or phrase. To truncate, simply type in the stem word (math for mathematics, mathematical, etc.). You do not need to capitalize words. A maximum of 25 matches will be displayed. If more than 25 matches are found, a link will be provided to allow you to continue the search through the rest of the database.  Examples for each search field are given in parentheses.