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Fall 2016

Mon.-Thur.:  9am to 8pm

Fri.:  9am to 5pm

Sat.:  1pm to 5pm

Sun.:  1pm to 8pm

Changes in this schedule during exams, interim periods, and holidays are posted on the library door. Schedules and locations for other campus library units can be found at


Your Library Account

Your Library ID Number

The University of Illinois Library maintains an account for you, under your library ID number, with information related to your library loans. For University of Illinois faculty, students, and staff, your library ID number is the 14-digit number beginning 20111 which is located on the front of your I-Card.

Access Your Library Account

Go to the Library Gateway and click "My Account" from the top right toolbar. Once you are on the Patron Login page, type in your Library ID Number and your last name to view your account online. If you have any questions about your ID number or user name, call the Library Phone Center (217) 333-8400.

After logging to your library account, you can:

  • determine due dates of current loans.
  • check status of your requests and cancel a request before it is processed - for more information about request, go to Requesting Materials.
  • check fines - for more information about fines, go to Billing.
  • renew items - for more information about renewals, go to Renewing Materials.

Monitor Your Library Account Regularly

You can avoid library fines and most of the headaches associated with them by checking this information at least every two weeks. Pay special attention to any due dates that may have changed for items you have checked out. If an item is recalled for use by another patron, the Library will try to contact you by post or email, but keeping an eye on your due date is your surest way to avoid potential problems. For more information about recalls, go to Recalls.

User Information Change

Currently, user information in the Library's user databases is synchronized with other campus user databases only at infrequent intervals. Changes in postal and email addresses may not be immediately reflected in the Library user database. This can lead to misdirected notices and recall letters. If you change postal or email addresses during the semester, call the Library Phone Center (333-8400) so we can make sure that your record in the Library user database is updated correctly and in a timely fashion.

You can check your complete account information, including address data, in person with the Math Library staff or by calling the Library Phone Center (217) 333-8400.