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Week of March 17, 2014

Bulletin (new series) of the American mathematical society v.51:2 (Apr 2014)

Bulletin of Fukuoka University of education Part III math., nat. sciences & tech. v.62 (2013), v.63 (2014)

Chinese annals of mathematics ser.B v.35:1 (Jan 2014)

College mathematics journal v.45:2 (Mar 2014)

Communications in analysis and geometry v.21:4 (Oct 2013)

Complex systems v.23:1 (2014)

Duke mathematical journal v.163:4 (Mar 2014)

Ganit v.32 (2012)

Geometry & topology v.18:1 (2014)

Indian statistical association journal v.49 (2011), v.50 (2012)

Indiana mathematics journal v.62:3 (2013)

International journal of applied mathematics v.26:4 (2013)

International journal of mathematics v.24:14 (Dec 2013)

International journal of number theory v.10:2 (Mar 2014)

Journal of applied statistical science v.20:2 (2012)

Journal of combinatorics, information and system sciences v.37 (2012)

Journal of mathematics the university of Tokushima v.47 (2013)

Journal of the mathematical society of Japan v.66:1 (Jan 2014)

Notices of the American mathematical society v.61:4 (Apr 2014)

Pacific journal of mathematics v.267:1 (Jan 2014)

Philosophia mathematica ser.3 v.22:1 (Feb 2014)

Proceedings of the American mathematical society v.142:2-3 (Feb-Mar 2014)

Sugaku v.66:1 (2014)

Topological methods in nonlinear analysis v.42:2 (Dec 2013)

Transactions of the American mathematical society v.366:3 (Mar 2014)


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