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Complete Term Hours

Week of March 10, 2014

Acta mathematica Sinica English series v.30:1-2 (Jan-Feb 2014)

Advances in applied mathematics v.54 (Mar 2014)

American mathematical monthly v.121:3 (Mar 2014)

Association for women in mathematics newsletter v.44:2 (Mar-Apr 2014)

Buletinul institutului politehnic din Iasi sectia matematica mecanica teoretica fizicav.59:3-4 (2013)

Bulletin of pure and applied sciences section E mathematics & statistics v.31E (2012)

Current developments in mathematics 2012

Demonstratio mathematica v.46:4 (2013)

Hikkaido mathematical journal v.42:3 (Oct 2013)

International journal of applied mathematics v.26:5-6 (2013)

International journal of computational geometry & applications v.23:3 (Jun 2013)

International journal of mathematics v.24:13 (Dec 2013)

International journal of mathematics, game theory and algebra v.22:3 (2013)

Journal of mathematical analysis and applications v.414:1 (Jun 2014)

Matematicheskii Sbornik v.204:12 (2013)

Mathematical reports v.15:3 (2013)

Mathematics teacher v.107:7 (Mar 2014)

Proceedings of the Japan academy ser.A mathematical sciences v.89:9-10 (Nov-Dec 2013)

Publications mathematiques de Besancon algebra et theorie des nombres 2013

Questions and answers in general topology v.31:2 (2013)

Scientific American v.310:3 (Mar 2014)

Siam news v.47:2 (Mar 2014)

Uspekhi matematicheskikh nauk v.68:5 (2013)

Yugoslav journal of operations research v.23:1-2 (2013)


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