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Summer I & II 2015 Hours

May 18-August 23

Mon.-Fri.: 10am-5pm

Sat.-Sun.: Closed

Closed: Mon., May 25 Memorial Day

Closed: Fri., July 3 Independence Day


Complete Term Hours

Week of June 2, 2014

Advanced studies in contemporary mathematics v.24:2 (Apr 2014)

Algebra i analiz v.26:2 (2014)

Analele stiintifice ale universitatii Ovidius Constanta seria matematica v.21:2 (2013), v.22:1 (2014)

Annals of differential equations v.30:1 (2014)

Annals of mathematics ser.2 v.179:3 (May 2014)

Canadian mathematical bulletin v.57:2 (Jun 2014)

Communications on applied nonlinear analysis v.21:2 (Apr 2014)

Differential and integral equations v.27:7-8 (Jul-Aug 2014)

Differential’nye uraveniia v.50:4 (2014)

Duke mathematical journal v.163:8 (Jun 2014)

Ganita bharati v.33 (2011)

Indiana University mathematics journal v.62:6 (2013)

Matematicheskie zametki v.95:4 (2014)

Matematicheskii sbornik v.205:4 (2014)

Mathematical research letters v.20:5 (2013)

PanAmerican mathematical journal v.24:2 (Apr 2014)

Proceedings of the Edinburgh mathematical society v.57:2 (2014)

Proceedings of the Jangjeon mathematical society v.17:2 (Apr 2014)

Proyecciones journal of mathematics v.33:1 (Mar 2014)

Quarterly of applied mathematics v.72:2 (Jun 2014)

Southeast Asian bulletin of mathematics v.36:1 (2012)

Taiwanese journal of mathematics v.18:2 (Apr 2014)

Tohoku mathematical journal ser.2 v.66:1 (Mar 2014)

Transactions of the Moscow mathematical society v.74 (2013)

Wuhan university journal of natural sciences v.19:1,2 (Feb,Apr 2014)


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