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Week of July 21, 2014

AMSTAT news no.445 (Jul 2014)

Annals of differential equations v.30:2 (2014)

Annals of the University of Bucharest (mathematical series) v.4:2 (2013)

Buletinul stiintific al Universitatii “Politehnica” din Timisoara v.58:1 (2013)

Bulletin of symbolic logic v.20:2 (Jun 2014)

Communications in analysis and geometry v.22:3 (Jul 2014)

Differentsial’nye uraveniia v.50:6 (2014)

Fundamenta mathematicae v.224:2,3,v.225 (2014)

International journal of mathematics v.25:5 (May 2014)

Journal of computational and graphical statistics v.23:3 (Sep 2014)

Journal of symbolic logic v.79:2 (Jun 2014)

Journal of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society v.29:2 (Jun 2014)

Matematychni studii v.41:1 (2014)

Memoirs on differential equations and mathematical physics v.60,61 (2013,2014)

Pacific journal of mathematics v.268:2 (Apr 2014)

Proceedings of A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute v.163,164 (2013,2014)

St. Petersburg mathematical journal v.25:3 (Jun 2014)

Yugoslav journal of operations research v.23:3,v.24:1 (2013,2014)


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