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Week of February 17, 2014

Acta universitatis Matthiae Belii series mathematics no.21 (2013)

Canadian mathematical bulletin v.57:1 (Mar 2014)

Crux mathematicorum v.29:1 (Jan-Feb 2013)

Glasnik matematicki v.48:2 (Dec 2013)

Izvestiia natsional’noi akademii nauk Armenii matematika v.48:3-5 (2013)

Journal of combinatorics v.4:4 (2012)

Journal of group theory v.17:1 (2014)

Report University of Jyvaskyla department of mathematics and statistics no.138 (2013)

Revista matematica complutense v.27:1 (2014)

Shu Hsueh Hsueh pao (acta mathematica sinica Chinese series) v.56:6 (2013)


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