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Week of December 9, 2013

Acta cybernetica v.21:2 (2013)

Annales academiae scientiarum fennicae mathematica dissertationes no.158 (2013)

Applied mathematics and mechanics (English edition) v.34:8,9 (2013)

Differentsial’nye uraveniia v.49:10 (2013)

Duke mathematical journal v.162:15 (Dec 2013)

International journal of mathematics v.24:9 (Aug 2013)

Journal of mathematical logic v.13:2 (Dec 2013)

Mathematical research letters v.20:1 (Jan 2013)

Mathematics magazine v.86:4 (Oct 2013)

Proceedings of the American mathematical society v.141:11 (Nov 2013)

Siam news v.46:10 (Dec 2013)

Transactions of the American mathematical society v.365:12 (Dec 2013)

Turkish journal of mathematics v.37:6 (2013)


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