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Complete Term Hours

Week of May 7, 2012

Acta mathematica v.208:1 (2012)

Advances in mathematics v.230:2 (Jun 2012)

American mathematical monthly v.119:5 (May 2012)

Annales academiae scientiarum fennicae mathematica dissertationes no.157 (2011)

Annali della scuola normale superior di Pisa ser.5 v.11:1 (2012)

Cahiers de topologie et geometrie differentielle categoriques v.53:1 (2012)

Combinatorics, probability & computing v.21:1-2 (Jan-Mar 2012)

Deltion tes hellenikes mathematikes hetaireias (bulletin of the Greek mathematical society) n.s. v.56-57 (2009-2010)

Discrete mathematics v.312:11 (Jun 2012)

Dissertationes mathematicae v.480 (2011)

Documenta mathematica v.16 (2011)

International mathematics research notices v.2012:8

Israel journal of mathematics v.189 (2012)

Japanese journal of mathematics ser.3 v.6:2 (2011)

Journal of combinatorial designs v.20:5-6 (May-Jun 2012)

Journal of functional analysis v.262:12 (Jun 2012)

Journal of graph theory v.70:1-2 (2012)

Journal of mathematical analysis and applications v.392:1 (Aug 2012)

Journal of theoretical probability v.25:2 (Jun 2012)

Matematicheskie zametki v.91:2 (2012)

Mathematische annalen v.353:1 (May 2012)

Research report (Keio university) 2011:2, 2012:1

Review of symbolic logic v.1:1-4 (2008), v.2:1-4 (2009), v.3:1-4 (2010), v.4:1-4 (2011), v.5:1 (2012) *(New Title)

Ying yung shu hsueh (Wuhan China) (mathematica applicata) v.25:1 (2012)


More print journal lists: 2012-20132010-2011