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Week of March 19, 2012

Abstracts of papers presented to the American mathematical society v.31:1 (Winter 2010)

Amstat news no.417 (Mar 2012)

Annales academiae scientiarum fennicae mathematica dissertationes no.152 (2009)

Annali della scuola normale superior di Pisa ser.5 v.10:4 (2011)

Bulletin (IMS) v.41:2 (Mar 2012)

Doklady akademii nauk v.439:1-6, v.440:1-3 (2011)

Gazette des mathematiciens no.131 (Jan 2012)

Graphs and combinatorics v.25:5,6 (2009), v.28:2 (2012)

International journal of applied mathematics v.23:6 (2010), v.24:5,6 (2011)

International journal of mathematics v.23:1 (Jan 2012)

International journal of number theory v.8:2 (Mar 2012)

International mathematics research notices v.2012:5

Journal of applied statistical science v.18:2 (2010)

Journal of mathematical analysis and applications v.391:1 (Jul 2012)

Journal of the American mathematical society v.25:2 (Apr 2012)

Mathematical intellingencer v.34:1 (Spring 2012)

Mo hu his t’ung yu shu hsueh (fuzzy systems and mathematics) v.26:1 (2012)

Munster journal of mathematics v.4:1 (2011)

Newsletter of the European mathematical society no.82 (Dec 2011)

Programmirovanie 2011:4

Publications de l’U.F.R. de mathematiques pures et appliquees v.71 (2011)

Sibirskii matematicheskii zhurnal v.52:5 (2011)

Statistical science v.26:4 (Nov 2011)

Zeitschrift fur analysis und ihre anwendungen (journal of analysis & its appl.) v.31:1 (2012)

Zhurnal vychislitel’noi matematiki I matematicheskoi fiziki v.51:7-9 (2011)



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