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Week of January 23, 2012

Acta mathematica sinica English series v.27:11,12 (Nov,Dec 2011)

Algebra I analiz v.23:6 (2011)

Amstat news no.415 (Jan 2012)

Annales de la faculte des sciences de Toulouse mathematiques ser.6 v.20:4 (2011)

Annales des sciences mathematiques du Quebec v.35:2 (2011)

Annales mathematiques Blaise Pascal v.18:2 (Jul 2011)

Annals of applied statistics v.5:4 (Dec 2011)

Annals of mathematics ser.2 v.174:3 (Nov 2011)

Annals of statistics v.39:5 (Oct 2011)

Annals of the university of Bucharest mathematical series v.1:1 (2010) *Recat of Analele univ. Bucuresti matematica

Applied mathematics a journal of Chinese universities ser.B v.26:1 (2011)

Ars combinatoria v.103 (Jan 2012)

Canadian applied mathematics quarterly v.19:1 (Spring 2011)

Canadian journal of mathematics v.63:6 (Dec 2011)

Chinese annals of mathematics ser.B v.32:6 (Nov 2011)

Combinatorica v.31:4,5 (2011)

Communications on pure and applied mathematics v.65:1 (Jan 2012)

Complex systems v.20:2 (2011)

Congressus numerantium v.207-210 (Dec 2011)

Differential and integral equations v.25:1-2 (Jan-Feb 2012)

Discrete mathematics v.312:3 (Feb 2012)

Dissertationes mathematicae v.476-479 (2011)

Doklady (azarbaijan elmlar akademiiasy) 2010:4,6

Fractional calculus & applied analysis v.14:1-4 (2011)

Hiroshima mathematical journal v.41:3(Nov 2011)

International journal of algebra and computation v.21:8 (Dec 2011)

International journal of mathematics v.22:12 (Dec 2011)

International journal of mathematics and mathematical sciences v.2011:14

International journal of pure and applied mathematics v.72:1-4 (2011)

Journal de mathematiques pures et appliquees ser.9 v.97:1 (Jan 2012)

Journal of algebraic geometry v.21:1 (Jan 2012)

Journal of combinatorics, information and system sciences v.35:1-4 (2010)

Journal of group theory v.14:6 (2011)

Journal of functional analysis v.262:3 (Feb 2012)

Journal of mathematical analysis and applications v.388:1,2 (Apr 2012)

Kao teng ying yung shu hsueh hsueh pao (applied math. a journal of Chinese univ.) v.26:1 (2011)

Kyoto journal of mathematics v.50:3 (Fall 2010)

Mathematica (Cluj-Napoca) v.53:1 (Jun 2011)

Mediterranean journal of mathematics v.8:3,4 (2011)

Methods of functional analysis and topology v.17:4 (2011)

Notices of the American mathematical society v.59:2 (Feb 2012)

Proceedings of the National academy of sciences of the United States of America v.109:2,3 (Jan 2012)

Proyecciones journal of mathematics (Antofagasta Chile) v.30:2 (Aug 2011)

Questions and answers in general topology v.29:2 (2011)

Rendiconti di matematica e delle sue applicazioni ser.7 v.31:1-2 (2011)

Rivista di matematica della universita di Parma n.s. v.2:2 (2011)

Scientific American v.306:2 (Feb 2012)

Shu hsueh nien k’an a chi (Chinese annals of mathematics ser.A) v.32:5 (2011)

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