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Week of April 30, 2012

Abstracts of papers presented to the American mathematical society v.33:2 (Spring 2012)

Annales de la faculte des sciences de Toulouse mathematiques ser.6 v.21:1 (2012)

Annals of the university of Bucharest mathematical series v.1:2 (2010), v.2:1 (2011)

Applicable analysis and discrete mathematics v.6:1 (Apr 2012)

Canadian applied mathematics quarterly v.19:3 (Fall 2011)

Chance v.25:1 (2012)

College mathematics journal v.43:3 (May 2012)

Communications in algebra v.40:4 (Apr 2012)

Differentsial’nye uraveniia v.48:3 (2012)

Duke mathematical journal v.161:3 (Feb 2012)

Indian journal of mathematics v.53:3 (Dec 2011)

Israel journal of mathematics v.187-188 (2012)

Journal de mathematiques pures et appliquees ser.9 v.97:5 (May 2012)

Journal of algebra v.359 (Jun 2012)

Journal of geometry v.102:1-2 (2011)

Journal of group theory v.15:2 (2012)

Matematicheskii sbornik v.203:2 (2012)

Mathematics teacher v.105:9 (May 2012)

Probability and mathematical statistics v.31:2 (2011)

Proceedings of the Japan academy ser. A mathematical sciences v.88:1-2 (Jan-Feb 2012)

Proceedings of the London mathematical society v.104:4 (Apr 2012)

Proceedings of the National academy of sciences of the United States of America v.109:16-17 (Apr 2012)

Scientific American v.306:5 (May 2012)


More print journal lists: 2012-20132010-2011