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Week of November 1, 2010

Algebras, groups and geometries v.27:1 (Mar 2010)

Amstat news no.400 (Oct 2010)

Analele universitatii Bucuresti matematica informatica v.56 (2007)

Annales academiae scientiarum fennicae mathematica dissertationes no.155 (2010)

Annales des sciences mathematiques du Quebec v.34:1 (2010)

Annali della scuola normale superior di pisa classe di scienze ser.5 v.9:3 (2010)

Bulletin (Irish mathematical society) no.65 (Summer 2010)

Commentarii mathematici helvetici v.85:4 (2010)

Communications on pure and applied mathematics v.63:11 (Nov 2010)

Focus v.30:5 (Oct-Nov 2010)

Geometric and functional analysis v.20:4 (2010)

Journal of combinatorial designs v.18:6 (Nov 2010)

Journal of functional analysis v.260:1 (Jan 2011)

Journal of graph theory v.65:3 (Nov 2010)

Journal of lie theory v.20:3 (2010)

Journal of official statistics v.26:3 (Sept 2010)

Matematicheskie zametki v.88:3 (2010)

Matematicheskii sbornik v.201:9 (2010)

Mathematical sciences research journal v.14:5,6 (May,Jun 2010)

Memoirs on differential equations and mathematical physics v.50 (2010)

Mo hu his t’ung yu shu hsueh (fuzzy systems & mathematics) v.24:4 (2010)

Moscow mathematical journal v.10:3 (Jul-Sept 2010)

Notices of the American mathematical society v.57:10 (Nov 2010)

Pacific journal of mathematics v.247:2 (Oct 2010)

Revista de la union matematica Argentina v.51:1 (2010)

Tokei suri kenkyujo iho (proceedings of the institute of statistical mathematics) v.58:1 (2010)

Vychislitel’nye sistemy v.175 (2008)

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