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Summer I & II 2015 Hours

May 18-August 23

Mon.-Fri.: 10am-5pm

Sat.-Sun.: Closed

Closed: Mon., May 25 Memorial Day

Closed: Fri., July 3 Independence Day


Complete Term Hours

Week of March 7, 2011

Advances in mathematics v.226:4,5 (Mar 2011)

Analysis in theory and applications v.26:3,4 (Sept,Dec 2010)

Annales academiae scientiarum fennicae mathematica v.36:1 (2011)

Annales de la faculte des sciences de Toulouse mathematiques ser.6 v.19:3-4 (2010)

Annals of mathematics ser.2 v.173:1 (Jan 2011)

Applied mathematics and mechanics (English edition) v.31:12 (Dec 2010), v.32:1 (Jan 2011)

Bollettino di storia delle scienze matematiche v.30:2 (Dec 2010)

Bulletin of the Korean mathematical society v.47:6 (Nov 2010)

Canadian mathematical bulletin v.54:1 (Mar 2011)

Colloquium mathematicum v.121:1,2 (2010)

Communications in algebra v.39:2 (Feb 2011)

Comptes rendus mathematiques de l’academie des sciences v.33:1 (Mar 2011)

Fibonacci quarterly v.49:1 (Feb 2011)

International journal of pure and applied mathematics v.64:4 (2010)

Journal of algebra v.328:1 (Feb 2011)

Journal of applied statistical science v.18:1 (2010)

Journal of functional analysis v.260:4-8 (Feb-Apr 2011)

Journal of mathematical analysis and applications v.377:2, v.378:1 (May,Jun 2011)

Journal of number theory v.131:3,4 (Mar,Apr 2011)

Journal of the European mathematical society v.13:2 (2011)

Journal of the Korean mathematical society v.47:6 (Nov 2010)

Matematicheskii sbornik v.202:1 (2011)

Matematychni studii v.34:1 (2010)

Mathematica (Cluj) v.52:1 (2010)

Mathematical inequalities & applications v.14:1 (Jan 2011)

Proceedings of the London mathematical society ser.3 v.102:2 (Feb 2011)

Proceedings of the National academy of sciences of the United States of America v.108:9 (Mar 2011)

Revue roumaine de mathematiques pures et appliqués v.55:1-3 (2010)

Sao Paulo journal of mathematical sciences v.4:1 (2010)

South East Asian journal of mathematics and mathematical sciences v.8:3 (Aug 2010)

Studia universitatis Babes-Bolyai mathematica v.55:3 (2010)

Survey methodology v.36:2 (Dec 2010)

Theory of probability and mathematical statistics no.81 (2010)


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