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Week of January 10, 2011

Annali dell’universita di Ferrara sezione 7 scienze matematiche v.55:2 (2009), v.56:1,2 (2010)

Bulletin of the institute of combinatorics and its applications v.61 (2011)

Bulletin of the institute of mathematics Academia Sinica n.s. v.5:3 (Sept 2010)

Communications in algebra v.38:12 (Dec 2010)

Hokkaido mathematical journal v.39:3 (Oct 2010)

Journal fur die reine und angewandte mathematik v.645,646,647 (2010)

Journal of convex analysis v.18:1 (2011)

Journal of geometry v.98:1-2 (2010)

Journal of the American mathematical society v.24:1 (Jan 2011)

Journal of the European mathematical society v.12:6 (2010)

Kodai mathematical journal v.33:3 (Oct 2010)

Kvant 2010:5

Matematychni studii v.33:2 (2010)

Mathematical research letters v.17:5-6 (Sept-Nov 2010)

Mediterranean journal of mathematics v.7:4 (2010)

Osaka journal of mathematics v.47:3 (Sept 2010)

Zeitschrift fur analysis und ihre anwendungen v.29:4 (2010)

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