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Winter Break Hours

December 20, 2014–January 4, 2015

Sat, 12/20-Sun, 12/21:  Closed

Mon, 12/22-Tue, 12/23:   10am-5pm

Wed, 12/24-Sun, 1/4:  Closed

January 5-18, 2015

Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm

Sat-Sun:  Closed


Complete Term Hours

Week of December 20, 2010

Advances in applied probability v.42:3 (Sept 2010)

Analele stiintifice al universitatii Al. I. Cuza din Iasi (Scientific annals of computer science) v.19 (2009)

Anziam journal v.51:3 (Jan 2010)

Bulletin of symbolic logic v.16:4 (Dec 2010)

Communications on pure and applied mathematics v.63:12 (Dec 2010)

Journal of algebra v.326:1 (Jan 2011)

Journal of mathematical physics v.51:10,11 (Oct,Nov 2010)

Journal of symbolic logic v.75:4 (Dec 2010)

Journal of the London mathematical society ser.2 v.82:3 (Dec 2010)

Matematicheskii sbornik v.201:10 (2010)

Mathematical logic quarterly v.56:6 (2010)

Proceedings of the National academy of sciences of the United States of America v.107:49,50 (Dec 2010)

Ramanujan journal v.23:1-3 (Dec 2010)

Tamkang journal of mathematics v.41:3 (2010)

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