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Fall 2016 Finals Week Schedule

December 8-18

Thurs.: 9am-8pm

Fri.: 9am-8pm

Sat.: 1-5pm

Sun.: 1-8pm

Mon.-Thurs: 9am-8pm

Fri.: 9am-5pm

Sat.-Sun.: CLOSED

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Week of December 6, 2010

Acta cybernetic v.19:4 (2010)

Applied mathematics and mechanics (English edition) v.31:8,9 (Aug,Sept 2010)

Communications in algebra v.38:11 (Nov 2010)

Communications in partial differential equations v.35:10-12 (Oct-Dec 2010)

Doklady akademii nauk v.434:3 (2010)

Dynamic systems and applications v.19:3-4 (Sept-Dec 2010)

Ergodic theory and dynamical systems v.30:6 (Dec 2010)

Geometric and functional analysis v.20:5 (2010)

Israel journal of mathematics v.178 (2010)

Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnkh zavedenii matematika 2010:10

Journal of algebra v.324:12 (Dec 2010)

Journal of interdisciplinary mathematics v.13:3,4 (Jun,Aug 2010)

Journal of pure and applied algebra v.215:3 (Mar 2011)

Mathematical scientist v.35:2 (Dec 2010)

Mo hu hsi t’ung yu shu hsueh (fuzzy systems and mathematics) v.24:5 (2010)

Philosophia mathematica ser.3 v.18:3 (Oct 2010)

Proceedings of the American mathematical society v.138:12 (Dec 2010)

Proceedings of the London mathematical society ser.3 v.101:3 (Nov 2010)

Proceedings of the National academy of sciences of the United States of America v.107:48 (Nov 2010)

Revista matematica Iberoamericana v.26:3 (2010)

Southeast Asian bulletin of mathematics v.34:4 (2010)

Statistics & probability letters v.80:23-24 (Dec 2010)

Topological methods in nonlinear analysis v.36:1 (Sept 2010)

Transactions of the American mathematical society v.362:12 (Dec 2010)

Zhurnal vychislitel’noi matematiki i matematicheskoi fiziki v

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