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Week of August 30, 2010

Acta mathematica sinica (English series) v.26:7,8 (Jul,Aug 2010)

Algebra I analiz v.22:4 (2010)

Aligarh journal of statistics v.28 (2008)

Annales de l’institut fourier v.60:3 (2010)

Archiv der mathematik v.95:2 (Aug 2010)

Beitrage zur algebra und geometrie v.51:2 (2010)

Canadian applied mathematics quarterly v.17:1 (Spring 2009)

Communications in analysis and geometry v.18:2 (Mar 2010)

Communications on pure and applied mathematics v.63:9 (Sept 2010)

Doklady akademii nauk v.431:4-6, v.432:1-5 (2010)

Geometric and functional analysis v.20:2 (2010)

Hokkaido mathematical journal v.39:2 (May 2010)

Internationale mathematische nachrichten no.214 (Aug 2010)

Journal of combinatorial designs v.18:5 (Sept 2010)

Journal of functional analysis v.259:9 (Nov 2010)

Journal of graph theory v.65:1 (Sept 2010)

Matematicheskie zametki v.88:1 (2010)

Matematicheskii sbornik v.201:7 (2010)

Mathematical logic quarterly v.56:4 (2010)

Mathematical research letters v.17:4 (2010)

Mathematical reviews v.2010:I (Sept 2010)

Mathematische zeitschrift v.266:2 (Oct 2010)

Moscow mathematical journal v.10:2 (Apr-Jun 2010)

Publications of the research institute for mathematical sciences (Kyoto univ.) v.46:2 (2010)

Scientific American v.303:3 (Sept 2010)

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