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Week of May 10, 2010

Acta mathematica sinica English series v.26:1,2 (Jan,Feb 2010)

Acta universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis facultas rerum naturalium mathematica v.48 (2009)

Algebra i logika v.48:6 (2009)

American mathematical monthly v.117:5 (May 2010)

Bulletin of the Belgian mathematical society Simon Stevin v.17:1 (Jan-Mar 2010)

Bulletin of the Iranian mathematical society v.35:2 (Nov 2009)

Chinese annals of mathematics ser.B v.31:2 (Mar 2010)

Colloquium mathematicum v.118:1,2 (2010)

Combinatorics, probability & computing v.19:3 (May 2010)

Communications in applied analysis v.14:1 (Jan 2010)

Demonstratio mathematica v.43:1 (2010)

Discrete & computational geometry v.43:1-4 (Jan-Jun 2010)

Discrete applied mathematics v.158:9 (May 2010)

Diskretnyi analiz i issledovanie operatsii v.17:1 (2010)

Documenta mathematica v.14 (2009)

Duke mathematical journal v.153:1 (May 2010)

Dynamic systems and applications v.19:1 (Mar 2010)

Georgian mathematical journal v.17:1 (2010)

Hsi t'ung k'o hsueh yu shu hsueh (journal of systems science & mathematical sciences) v.30:1,2 (2010)

International journal of computational geometry & applications v.20:2 (Apr 2010)

International journal of mathematics and mathematical sciences v.2009:11

International mathematics research notices v.2010:7

Internationale mathematische nachrichten no.213 (Apr 2010)

Japan journal of industrial and applied mathematics v.26:2-3 (Oct 2009)

Journal of business & economic statistics v.28:2 (Apr 2010)

Journal of combinatorial theory ser.B v.100:5 (Sept 2010)

Journal of geometric analysis v.20:3 (Jul 2010)

Journal of group theory v.13:2 (2010)

Journal of mathematical analysis and applications v.368:2 (Aug 2010)

Journal of operator theory v.63:1 (Winter 2010)

Journal of the Japan statistical society v.39:2 (Dec 2009)

Journal of theoretical probability v.23:1,2 (Mar,Jun 2010)

JP journal of algebra, number theory and applications v.16:1,2 (Feb,Mar 2010)

Kochi journal of mathematics v.5 (Mar 2010)

Kodai mathematical journal v.33:1 (Mar 2010)

Matematicheskie zametki v.87:3 (2010)

Matematicheskii sbornik v.201:3 (2010)

Math horizons v.17:3,4 (Feb,Apr 2010)

Mathematical inequalities & applications v.13:2 (Apr 2010)

Mathematical intelligencer v.32:1 (Spring 2010)

Mathematical reviews v.2010:E (May 2010)

Mathematische annalen v.347:3 (Jul 2010)

Proceedings of the National academy of sciences of the United States of America v.107:17,18 (Apr,May 2010)

Publications de l'institut mathematique n.s. v.87 (2010)

Publications of the research institute for mathematical sciences Kyoto university v.46:1 (2010)

Quarterly of applied mathematics v.68:2 (Jun 2010)

Ramanujan journal v.21:1-4 (Jan-May 2010)

Revista matematica Iberoamericana v.26:1 (2010)

St. Petersburg mathematical journal v.21:3 (Jun 2010)

Scientific American v.302:5 (May 2010)

Seminari di geometria 2005-2009 universita degli studi di Bologna

Shu hsueh nien k'an a chi (Chinese annals of mathematics) v.31:1 (2010)

Statistical science v.24:4 (Nov 2009)

Statistics & probability letters v.80:9-10 (May 2010)

Tokei suri kenkyujo iho (proceedings of the institute of statistical mathematics) v.57:2 (2009)

Zeitschrift fur analysis und ihre anwendungen (journal of analysis & its applications) v.29:2 (2010)


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