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May 18-August 23

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Week of July 12, 2010

Abstracts of papers presented to the American mathematical society v.31:3 (Summer 2010)

Acta cybernetica v.19:3 (2010)

Acta mathematica v.204:2 (2010)

Acta mathematica sinica (English series) v.26:5,6 (May,Jun 2010)

Akademie der wissenschaften und der liateratur mainz abhandlungen der mathematisch-naturwissenschaftlichen klasse 2010:1

Annales de la faculte des sciences de Tolouse mathematiques ser.6 v.19:2, v.19 suppl. (2010)

Bulletin (new series) of the American mathematical society v.47:3 (Jul 2010)

Bulletin of the Belgian mathematical society Simon Stevin v.17:2 (Apr-Jun 2010)

Chinese annals of mathematics ser.B v.31:3 (May 2010)

Communications in algebra v.38:7 (Jul 2010)

Comptes rendus mathematiques de l'academie des sciences v.32:1 (Mar 2010)

Extracta mathematicae v.24:3 (2009)

Discrete applied mathematics v.158:12,13 (Jun,Jul 2010)

International journal of algebra and computation v.20:3 (May 2010)

International journal of applied mathematics v.23:2 (2010)

International journal of mathematics v.21:6 (Jun 2010)

Journal de mathematiques pures et appliquees ser.9 v.94:1 (Jul 2010)

Journal of computational and graphical statistics v.19:2 (Jun 2010)

Journal of functional analysis v.259:6 (Sept 2010)

JP journal of algebra, number theory and applications v.17:1 (May 2010)

Math times (Spring 2010)

Mathematische annalen v.348:1 (Sept 2010)

Methods of functional analysis and topology v.16:2 (2010)

Mo hu hsi t'ung yu shu hsueh (Fuzzy systems & mathematics) v.24:3 (2010)

Prepublication de l'institut de recherche mathematique avancee 2009:1-5

Probability theory and related fields v.148:1-2 (Sept 2010)

Proceedings of the National academy of sciences of the United States of America v.107:27 (Jul 2010)

Shu hsueh nien k'an a chi (Chinese annals of mathematics) v.31:2 (2010)

Stats no.47 (2007), no.49 (2008), no.51 (2009)

Sugaku v.62:2 (2010)

Yokohama mathematical journal v.55:2 (Mar 2010)

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