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Fall 2014 Hours

Mon-Thur:  9am to 8pm

Fri: 9am to 5pm

Sat: 1pm to 5pm

Sun: 1pm to 8pm

Thanksgiving Break 2014

Sat, 11/22:  CLOSED

Sun, 11/23:  CLOSED

Mon, 11/24-Wed, 11/26:  10am—5pm

Thur, 11/27-Sat, 11/29:  CLOSED

Sun, 11/30:  1pm—8pm


Complete Term Hours

Week of February 1, 2010

Acta mathematica universitatis ostraviensis v.17:1 (2009)

Advances in mathematics v.223:4 (Mar 2010)

American mathematical monthly v.117:2 (Feb 2010)

Amstat news no.391(Jan 2010)

Annals of mathematics ser.2 v.170:3 (Nov 2009)

Bernoulli v.15:4 (Nov 2009)

Canadian journal of statistics v.37:2,3,4 (Jun,Sept,Dec 2009)

Combinatorica v.29:6 (2009)

Communications in algebra v.38:1 (Jan 2010)

Complex systems v.18:3 (2009)

Congressus numerantium v.195-199 (Dec 2009)

Differentsial'nye uraveniia v.45:12 (2009)

Duke mathematical journal v.151:1 (Jan 2010)

Extracta mathematicae v.24:2 (2009)

Geombinatorics v.19:3 (Jan 2010)

Geometric and functional analysis v.19:4 (2009)

Hokkaido mathematical journal v.38:4 (Nov 2009)

International journal of computational geometry & applications v.19:6 (Dec 2009)

International journal of pure and applied mathematics v.57:4 (2009)

Journal of mathematical analysis and applications v.364:2, v.365:1(Apr,May 2010)

Journal of mathematical physics v.50:12 (Dec 2009)

Journal of mathematics of Kyoto university v.49:2 (2009)

Journal of the American mathematical society v.23:1 (Jan 2010)

Kvant 2009:6

Matematicheskie zametki v.86:6 (2009)

Matematicheskii sbornik v.200:12 (2009)

Mathematical proceedings of the Cambridge philosophical society v.148:1 (Jan 2010)

Proceedings of the American mathematical society v.138:1 (Jan 2010)

Proceedings of the National academy of sciences of the United States of America v.107:2,3,4,suppl.1 (Jan 2010)

Questions and answers in general topology v.27:2 (2009)

Report university of Jyvaskyla department of mathematics and statistics no.122.123 (2009)

St. Petersburg mathematical journal v.21:1 (Feb 2010)

Scientific American v.302:2 (Feb 2010)

Statistical science v.24:2 (May 2009)

Taiwanese journal of mathematics v.13:6A,6B (Dec 2009)

Yokohama mathematical journal v.55:1 (Sept 2009)

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