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May 18-August 23

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Complete Term Hours

Week of October 20, 2008

Journals Received in Mathematics Library

Advances in applied probability v.40:3 (Sep 2008)

Algebra i logika v.47:3 (2008)

Annals of global analysis and geometry v.34:4 (Nov 2008)

Applications of mathematics (Czech Republic) v.53:5 (2008)

Applied statistics journal of the Royal statistical society series C v.57:5 (Dec 2008)

Chance v.21:3 (Summer 2008)

Crux mathematicorum with mathematical mayhem v.34:6 (Oct 2008)

Discrete & computational geometry v.40:3 (Oct 2008)

Diskretnyi analiz i issledovanie operatsii seriia 1 v.15:3 (2008)

Experimental mathematics v.17:3 (2008)

Gazette des mathematiciens no.118 (Oct 2008)

Houston journal of mathematics v.34:3 (2008)

Izvestiia akademii nauk seriia matematicheskaia v.72:4 (2008)

Journal of algebra v.320:9 (Nov 2008)

Journal of combinatorial designs v.16:6 (Nov 2008)

Journal of geometry v.89:1-2 (2008)

Journal of geometry and physics v.58:9,10 (Sep,Oct 2008)

Journal of mathematical analysis and applications v.349:1 (Jan 2009)

Journal of mathematical physics v.49:8,9 (Aug,Sep 2008)

Journal of the Australian mathematical society v.84:3 (Jun 2008)

Journal of the London mathematical society ser.2 v.78:2 (Oct 2008)

Journal of theoretical probability v.21:4 (Dec 2008)

Linear algebra and its applications v.429:10 (Nov 2008)

North American actuarial journal v.12:3 (Jul 2008)

Order v.25:3 (2008)

Revista matematica complutense v.21:2 (2008)

Studia mathematica v.188:1-3 (2008)


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