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Week of October 06, 2008

Journals Received in Mathematics Library

Acta mathematica vietnamica v.33:2 (2008)

Annals of probability v.36:5 (Sep 2008)

Annals of pure and applied logic v.155:2 (Sep 2008)

Bulletin (new series) of the American mathematical society v.45:4 (Oct 2008)

Canadian journal of mathematics v.60:5 (Oct 2008)

Communications in algebra v.36:9 (Sep 2008)

Communications in applied analysis v.12:2 (Apr 2008)

Constructive approximation v.28:2 (2008)

Discrete mathematics v.308:22 (Nov 2008)

Dynamic systems and applications v.17:3-4 (Sep-Dec 2008)

Geombinatorics v.18:2 (Oct 2008)

Geometric and functional analysis v.18:3 (2008)

Glasgow mathematical journal v.50:3 (Sep 2008)

Hiroshima mathematical journal v.38:2 (Jul 2008)

International journal of algebra and computation v.18:6 (Sep 2008)

Inventiones mathematicae v.174:2 (2008)

Jahresbericht der deutschen mathematiker-vereinigung v.110:3 (Sep 2008)

Journal de mathematiques pures et appliquees ser.9 v.90:3 (Sep 2008)

Journal of geometry and physics v.58:6 (Jun 2008)

Journal of interdisciplinary mathematics v.11:3,4 (Jun,Aug 2008)

Linear algebra and its applications v.429:7 (Oct 2008)

Matematicheskie trudy v.11:1 (2008)

Mathematical methods of statistics v.17:3 (Jul-Sep 2008)

Mathematical reviews 2008:J (Oct 2008)

Mathematics teacher v.102:3 (Oct 2008)

Proceedings of the National academy of sciences of the United States of America v.105:37-39 (Sep 2008)

Revista matematica Iberoamericana v.24:2 (2008)

Siam journal on applied mathematics v.68:5 (Apr-May 2008)

Siam journal on computing v.37:5 (Jan-Feb 2008)

Siam journal on matrix analysis and applications v.29:4 (Nov 2007-Jan 2008)

Siam journal on numerical analysis v.45:5 (Aug-Oct 20070

Siam news v.41:8 (Oct 2008)

Survey methodology v.34:1 (Jun 2008)

Theory of probability and its applications (siam) v.52:3 (Sep 2007)


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