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Week of November 03, 2008

Journals Received in Mathematics Library

Actas/...Congreso de Matematica "Dr. Antonio A. R. Monteiro" v.4,5,6,8,9 (1997-2007)

Advances in mathematical sciences and applications v.18:1 (2008)

Advances in mathematics v.219:5,6 (Dec 2008)

Annals of mathematics and artificial intelligence v.52:1 (Jan 2008)

Annals of statistics v.36:5 (Oct 2008)

Bollettino della unione matematica italiana ser.9 v.1:1-3 (2008)  ***Recat***

Communications in algebra v.36:10 (Oct 2008)

Communications on pure and applied mathematics v.61:11 (Nov 2008)

Differential geometry and its applications v.26:5 (Oct 2008)

Discrete applied mathematics v.156:15 (Aug 2008)

Duke mathematical journal v.145:2 (Nov 2008)

Forum mathematicum v.20:5 (2008)

Hsi t'ung k'o hsueh yu shu hsueh (journal of systems science & mathematical sciences) v.28:6,7,8 (2008)

International journal of computational geometry & applications v.18:5 (Oct 2008)

International journal of pure and applied mathematics v.47:4, v.48:1 (2008)

International mathematics research notices 2008:18

Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii matematika 2008:8

Journal of algebra v.320:10 (Nov 2008)

Journal of automata, languages and combinatorics v.13:1 (2008)

Journal of differential equations v.245:10 (Nov 2008)

Journal of dynamical and control systems v.14:4 (Oct 2008)

Journal of group theory v.11:5 (2008)

Journal of official statistics v.24:3 (Sep 2008)

Journal of the Royal statistical society series B statistical methodology v.70:5 (Nov 2008)

Law, probability & risk v.7:3 (Sep 2008)

Matematicheskii sbornik v.199:9 (2008)

Mathematical intelligencer v.30:4 (Fall 2008)

Mathematical proceedings of the Royal Irish academy v.107A:1,2 (May,Dec 2007)

Proceedings of the National academy of sciences of the United States of America v.105:42 (Oct 2008)

Publicacions matematiques vol. extra 2007, v.52:2 (2008)

Ramanujan journal v.17:2 (Nov 2008)

Rendiconti del seminario matematico v.66:2 (2008)

Revue roumaine de mathematiques pures et appliquees v.53:1,2-3 (2008)

Shu hsueh hsueh pao (acta mathematica sinica Chinese series) v.51:4 (2008)

Siam journal on control and optimization v.46:6 (Nov-Dec 2007)

Siam journal on optimization v.18:4 (Oct 2007-Jan 2008)

Siam journal on scientific computing v.29:6 (Oct-Nov 2007)

Sibirskii matematicheskii zhurnal v.49:4 (2008)

Soobshcheniia obedinennogo instituta iadernykh issledovanii, dubna no.31-112 (2007) misc. incompl.

South East Asian journal of mathematics and mathematical sciences v.6:2 (Apr 2008)

Trudy instituta matematiki i mekhaniki (proceedings of institute of mathematics & mechanics) v.6-10 (1997-1999)


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