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Week of May 04, 2009

Advances in applied probability v.41:1 (Mar 2009)

Advances in mathematics v.221:3 (Jun 2009)

Algebraic & geometric topology v.7:4 (2007)

Annals of applied statistics v.3:1 (Mar 2009)

Annals of statistics v.37:3 (Jun 2009)

Bulletin of the Calcutta mathematical society v.100:5,6 (Oct,Dec 2008)

Bulletin of the London mathematical society v.41:2 (Apr 2009)

Collectanea mathematica v.60:2 (2009)

Communications in analysis and geometry v.17:1 (Jan 2009)

Communications in applied analysis v.13:1 (Jan 2009)

Communications in mathematical physics v.285:3, v.286:1 (Feb 2009)

Communications in partial differential equations v.34:1-3 (Jan-Mar 2009)

Communications on pure and applied analysis v.8:2 (Mar 2009)

Current developments in mathematics 2004

Differentsial'nye uraveniia v.45:3 (2009)

Diskretnyi analiz i issledovanie operatsii v.16:1 (2009)

Dopovidi natsional'noi akademii nauk ukrainy matematyka, pryrodoznavstvo, tekhnichni nauky 2008:10-12

Duke mathematical journal v.148:1 (May 2009)

Dynamic systems and applications v.18:1 (Mar 2009)

Hiroshima mathematical journal v.39:1 (Mar 2009)

International journal of mathematics v.20:4 (Apr 2009)

International journal of pure and applied mathematics v.52:1 (2009)

Israel journal of mathematics v.163-168 (2008)

JCMCC (journal of combin. math. & combin. computing) v.69 (May 2009)

Journal de mathematiques pures et appliquees ser.9 v.91:4 (Apr 2009)

Journal of agricultural, biological, and environmental statistics v.14:1 (Mar 2009)

Journal of business & economic statistics v.27:2 (Apr 2009)

Journal of computational and graphical statistics v.18:1 (Mar 2009)

Journal of differential equations v.246:9 (May 2009)

Journal of functional analysis v.256:11 (Jun 2009)

Journal of geometric analysis v.19:3 (Jul 2009)

Journal of mathematical analysis and applications v.354:2 (Jun 2009)

Journal of mathematical physics v.50:3 (Mar 2009)

Journal of mathematics of Kyoto university v.48:3 (2008)

Journal of nonlinear and convex analysis v.10:1 (2009)

Journal of number theory v.129:5 (May 2009)

Journal of the Japan statistical society v.38:3 (Dec 2008)

Manuscripta mathematica v.129:1 (May 2009)

Mathematical sciences research journal v.12:12 (Dec 2008), v.13:1 (Jan 2009)

Metrika v.64:3 (2006)

Publications of the research institute for mathematical sciences v.45:1 (Mar 2009)

Siam journal on control and optimization v.47:3 (Mar-May 2008)

Siam journal on discrete mathematics v.22:2 (Mar-Apr 2008)

Siam journal on mathematical analysis v.40:3 (Sept-Oct 2009)

Siam journal on optimization v.19:2 (Jun-Oct 2008)

Siam journal on scientific computing v.30:3 (Mar-Apr 2008)

Siam news v.42:4 (May 2009)

Technometrics v.51:2 (May 2009)

Teoriia veroiatnostei i ee primeneniia v.53:4 (2008)

Ukrainskyi matematychnyi zhurnal v.60:10-12 (2008)


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