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Week of March 30, 2009

Acta mathematica v.202:1 (2009)

Annales de la faculte des sciences de Toulouse mathematiques ser.6 v.17:4 (2008)

Anziam journal v.50:1 (Jul 2008)

Buletinul stiintific universitatii politehnica din Timisoara, Romania ser. matematica-fizica v.53:1 (2008)

Bulletin (new series) of the American mathematical society v.46:2 (Apr 2009)

Bulletin of the Belgian mathematical society Simon Stevin v.16:1 (Jan-Mar 2009)

Canadian applied mathematics quarterly v.16:1 (Spring 2008)

Chinese Annals of mathematics series B v.30:1 (Jan 2009)

Colloquium mathematicum v.114:1,2 (2009)

Communications in algebra v.37:3 (Mar 2009)

Communications on pure and applied mathematics v.62:4 (Apr 2009)

Czechoslovak mathematical journal v.58:4 (2008)

Differential equations and dynamical systems v.16:1-2 (Jan-Apr 2008)

Discrete mathematics v.309:5 (Mar 2009)

Documenta mathematica v.13 (2008)

Duke mathematical journal v.147:2 (Apr 2009)

Far East journal of mathematical sciences v.28:2 (Feb 2008)

Indian journal of mathematics v.50:3 (Dec 2008)

International journal of mathematics v.20:3 (Mar 2009)

International journal of number theory v.5:2 (Mar 2009)

Japanese journal of mathematics ser.3 v.3:2 (2008)

Journal of differential equations v.246:7 (Apr 2009)

Journal of geometry v.92:1-2 (2009)

Journal of geometry and physics v.59:3 (Mar 2009)

Journal of mathematical analysis and applications v.352:1 (Apr 2009)

Journal of mathematical sciences the university of Tokyo v.15:2 (2008)

Journal of operator theory v.61:1 (Winter 2009)

Journal of the Indian academy of mathematics v.30:1 (2008)

Manuscripta mathematica v.128:4 (Apr 2009)

Mathematics teacher v.102:8 (Apr 2009)

Mo hu hsi t'ung yu shu hsueh (fuzzy systems and mathematics) v.23:1 (2009)

Nieuw archief voor wiskunde ser.5 v.10:1 (Mar 2009)

North American actuarial journal v.13:1 (2009)

Notices of the American mathematical society v.56:4 (Apr 2009)

Philosophia mathematica ser.3 v.17:1 (Feb 2009)

Proceedings of the American mathematical society v.137:4 (Apr 2009)

Proceedings of the London mathematical society ser.3 v.98:2 (Mar 2009)

Reports of the faculty of science and engineering Saga university mathematics v.37:1 (Jun 2008)

Scientific American 300:4 (Apr 2009)

Shu hsueh nien k'an a chi (Chinese annals of mathematics) v.29:6 (2008)

Statistics & probability letters v.79:6 (Mar 2009)

Studia mathematica v.190:1,2,3 (2009)

Taiwanese journal of mathematics v.13:1 (Feb 2009)

Transactions of the American mathematical society v.361:4 (Apr 2009)



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