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Week of August 25, 2008

Acta arithmetica v.126-130 (2007)

Acta mathematica sinica English series v.24:5,6 (May,Jun 2008)

Acta universitatis matthiae belii series mathematics no.14 (2007)

Amstat news no.374 (Aug 2008)

Annals of statistics v.36:4 (Aug 2008)

Bulletin mathematique de la societe des sciences mathematiques de roumanie v.50:11-4 (2007)

Bulletin of the Korean mathematical society v.45:2 (May 2008)

Bulletin of the London mathematical society v.40:4 (Aug 2008)

Communications in algebra v.36:8 (Aug 2008)

Compositio mathematica v.144:4 (Jul 2008)

Differential and integral equations v.21:9-10 (Sep-Oct 2008)

Discrete & computational geometry v.40:1 (Jul 2008)

Discrete applied mathematics v.156:11 (Jun 2008)

Hsi t'ung k'o hsueh yu shu hsueh (journal of systems science & math. sciences) v.28:3-5 (2008)

Illinois journal of mathematics v.51:4 (Winter 2007)

International journal of pure and applied mathematics: IJPAM v.42-46:2 (2008)

Journal of algebra v.320:6 (Sep 2008)

Journal of business & economic statistics v.26:3 (Jul 2008)

Journal of fractional calculus v.33 (May 2008)

Journal of the Korean mathematical society v.45:3 (May 2008)

Matematychni studii v.29:2 (2008)

Mathematica scandinavica v.102:2 (2008)

Mathematische zeitschrift v.260:2 (Oct 2008)

Metron v.65:3 (2007)

Multiscale modeling & simulation v.6:3 (2007)

Notices of the American mathematical society v.55:8 (Sep 2008)

Proceedings of the Japan academy series A mathematical sciences v.84:5,6 (May,Jun 2008)

Proceedings of the London mathematical society ser.3 v.97:1 (Jul 2008)

Proceedings of the National academy of sciences of the United States of America v.105:32, v.105 suppl. 1 (Aug 2008)

Proceedings the Royal society of Edinburgh section A mathematics v.138:4 (2008)

Rendiconti dell'istituto di matematica dell'universita di Trieste v.39 (2007)

Report university of Jyvaskyla no.113 (2008)

Scientific American v.299:3 (Sep 2008)

Siam review v.50:3 (Sep 2008)

Statistics & probability letters v.78:10,11 (Aug 2008)

Studies in applied mathematics v.121:2 (Aug 2008)

Zeitschrift fur analysis un ihre anwendungen (journal of analysis & its appl.) v.27:3 (2008)


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