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Week of August 10, 2009

Acta analysis functional applicata v.11:1 (Mar 2009)

Acta mathematica sinica (English series) v.25:5,6 (May,Jun 2009)

Algebra i logika v.48:2,3 (2009)

American journal of mathematics v.131:4 (Aug 2009)

American mathematical monthly v.116:7 (Aug-Sept 2009)

Amstat news no.385 (Jul 2009)

Annales de l'institut fourier v.59:3 (2009)

Annales polonici mathematici v.96:1 (2009)

Annals of differential equations v.25:2 (2009)

Annals of probability v.37:4 (Jul 2009)

Annals of pure and applied logic v.160:2 (Aug 2009)

Annals of statistics v.37:5A,5B (Oct 2009)

Applications of mathematics (Czech Republic) v.54:4 (2009)

Archiv der mathematik v.93:1 (Jul 2009)

Archive for mathematical logic v.48:6 (Jul 2009)

Bollettino di storia delle scienze matematiche v.29:1 (2009)

Bulletin of the Belgian mathematical society Simon Stevin v.16:2 (Apr-Jun 2009)

Cahiers de topologie et geometrie differentielle categoriques v.50:2 (2009)

Canadian journal of mathematics v.61:4 (Aug 2009)

Canadian mathematical bulletin v.52:3 (Sept 2009)

College mathematics journal v.39:4,5 (2008), v.40:4 (Sept 2009)

Commentarii mathematici  helvetici v.84:3 (2009)

Commentarii mathematici universitatis Sancti Pauli v.58:1 (2009)

Communications analysis and geometry v.17:2 (Mar 2009)

Communications in mathematical physics v.290:2 (Sept 2009)

Computational geometry theory and applications v.42:9 (Nov 2009)

Differentsial'nye uraveniia v.45:6,7 (2009)

Doklady (Azarbaijan elmlar akademiiasy) 2008:1-6

Doklady akademii nauk v.424:1-6, v.425:1-6 (2009)

Duke mathematical journal v.149:2 (Aug 2009)

l'Enseignement mathematique ser.2 v.55:1-2 (Jan-Jun 2009)

Ergodic theory and dynamical systems v.29:4 (Aug 2009)

Esaim control, optimisation and calculus of variations v.15:3 (Jul-Sept 2009)

Geometriae dedicata v.141 (Aug 2009)

Glasnik matematicki v.44:1 (Jun 2009)

Historia mathematica v.36:3 (Aug 2009)

Hokkaido mathematical journal v.38:2 (May 2009)

Homology, homotopy and applications v.11:1 (2009)

International journal of mathematics and mathematical sciences v.2009:1,2

International journal of pure and applied mathematics v.54:1 (2009)

JCMCC (the journal of combinatorial math. & combin. computing) v.70 (Aug 2009)

Journal de mathematiques pures et appliquees ser.9 v.92:2 (Aug 2009)

Journal de theorie des nombres de bordeaux v.21:1,2 (2009)

Journal fur die reine und angewandte mathematik v.631 (2009)

Journal of algebra v.322:5 (Sept 2009)

Journal of automata, languages and combinatorics v.13:2,3-4 (2008), v.14:1 (2009)

Journal of computational and graphical statistics v.18:2 (Jun 2009)

Journal of differential equations v.247:5 (Sept 2009)

Journal of mathematical logic v.8:1 (Jun 2008)

Journal of mathematical physics v.50:6 (Jun 2009)

Journal of number theory v.129:10 (Oct 2009)

Journal of the European mathematical society v.11:3 (2009)

Journal of the London mathematical society ser.2 v.80:1 (Aug 2009)

Journal of theoretical probability v.22:3 (Sept 2009)

Manuscripta mathematica v.129:4 (Aug 2009)

Mathematical inequalities & applications v.12:3 (Jul 2009)

Mathematical reviews v.2009:H (Aug 2009)

Mathematische annalen v.345:1 (Sept 2009)

Mathematische zeitschrift v.263:1 (Sept 2009)

Memoirs on differential equations and mathematical physics v.47 (2009)

Order v.26:2 (2009)

Pacific journal of mathematics v.239:2, v.240:1,2, v.241:1,2 (2009)

Prepublication de l'institut de recherche mathematique avancee 2007:9,10, 2008:1-7

Probability and mathematical statistics v.28:2 (2008)

Problemy peredachi infromatsii v.45:1 (2009)

Proceedings mathematical sciences v.119:2 (Apr 2009)

Proceedings of A. Razmadze mathematical institute v.150 (2009)

Proceedings of the American mathematical society v.137:9 (Sept 2009)

Proceedings of the National academy of sciences of the United States of America v.106:28 (Jul 2009)

Proceedings the Royal society of Edinburgh section A mathematics v.139:4 (2009)

Programmirovanie 2009:1,2

Publicacions matematiques v.53:2 (2009)

Quarterly of applied mathematics v.67:3 (Sept 2009)

Ramanujan journal v.19:2 (Jul 2009)

Scientiae mathematicae japonicae v.69:3 (May 2009)

Siam journal on applied mathematics v.69:4 (Jan 2009)

Siam journal on computing v.38:4 (Jul-Dec 2008)

Siam journal on discrete mathematics v.22:3 (May-Jul 2008)

Siam journal on numerical analysis v.46:4 (Apr-May 2008)

Siam journal on optimization v.19:3 (Oct-Dec 2008)

Siam news v.42:6 (Jul-Aug 2009)

Sibirskii matematicheskii zhurnal v.50:3 (2009)

Southeast Asian bulletin of mathematics v.29:4-6 (2005), v.30:1 (2006), v.33:3 (2009)

Transactions of the American mathematical society v.361:9 (Sept 2009)

Uspekhi matematicheskikh nauk v.64:1,2 (2009)

Zeitschrift fur analysis und ihre anwendungen (journal of analysis & its applications) v.28:3 (2009)

Zhurnal vychislitel'noi matematiki i matematicheskoi fiziki v.49:1-4 (2009)


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