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I have an abstract/citation for a paper, but I would like to find the entire paper. How can I do this?

You can use the information that you already have (author(s), title, etc) to find the entire paper if it indeed exists in print. Do keep in mind that not all conferences and abstracts are published.

We reccommend using either MathSciNet or Zentralblatt MATH to locate completed papers.   If you search by the author's name in these databases, you may want to truncate the name as follows: Lastname, F* --- this will retrieve all records with the author's last name and first initial, or simply search by last name. Either of these variations on the name may be how the author is listed in the database. If the article has more than one author, you may search using just one of the names.

Once you have the source (the journal or book in which the paper is published), you can search in I-Share Online Catalog. Be sure to search for the entire book or journal rather than title of the specific paper for which you are looking.In addition to the print materials that the Mathematics Library subscribes to, do not forget about the Electronic Journals available online. If the source citation looks strange, it may be an abbreviation of the full name. You can search abbreviated names, for the full titles at this MathSciNet page.

If you are unable to locate the paper through any of these means, consider searching the author's name, in the above databases, to see if he or she has published a different paper on a similar topic. Such a paper may contain comparable information that may be useful to you.

If you are unable to find the paper or a related paper through these means, please contact a librarian or staff member in the Mathematics Library and we will do all we can to help you find it.