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Frequently Asked Questions

General: Mathematics Library and Altgeld Hall

Where is the Mathematics Library?
What are the Mathematics Library's hours of operation?
Is parking available?
Who may use the Mathematics Library?
Where are the stacks? Can anyone browse them?
How can patrons contact the Library and Staff?
Altgeld Hall is beautiful; where can I learn more about it?
I hear there is a post office in Altgeld. Where is it?
Can I print/print in color/make photocopies here?
Do you have change for a dollar? I need to make copies.

Course Reserves

What are reserves?
How are reserves and reference materials different?
How can I find out what materials are on reserve?
What do I need to do to obtain reserve materials?
How long do reserve materials circulate?

Reference Books & Assistance

Where are the reference books?
How can patrons obtain reference assistance? Is reference assistance available over the phone and/or by e-mail?

Getting Started with Research

What databases are available for mathematics research?
I'm looking for information about a specific topic in mathematics. Where should I begin searching?
What is the I-Share catalog, and where can I receive help using it?
I'm looking for a paper from a conference. How can I find it?
How can I find out if the Mathematics Library has a specific journal and/or a specific issue of a journal?

Finding Specific Books and Journals

I am looking for the title Positive Trigonometric Polynomials and Signal Processing Applications, which is part of the Springer series "Signals and Communication Technology," but I can only find books published before 2007 in the stacks. Where are the newer books?

I'm trying to find an article in Doklady that I know has been translated, but I can only find a Russian version of the journal in the Mathematics Library. Where is the English version of Doklady?

I located a paper in a journal that I really need, but the article is in French and I don't read French. Where can I find an English version?

Using and Interpreting Citations

I found a citation for a paper in "Proc. A.M.S." That doesn't seem like the entire name; where can I find the full name of the journal?
I have a citation for a paper published in a journal; where can I get the article if the Mathematics Library does not receive the journal?
I have an abstract for a paper, but I would like to find the entire paper. How can I do this?
I have a citation that I'm having trouble figuring out. Which part is the paper title and which is the name of the journal/proceeding/book?
I have an old citation and I need to find the entire paper/article. What should I do?


Interlibrary Loan

Who can borrow library materials through Interlibrary Loan?
How can I make an Interlibrary Loan request?
A journal is at binding. Can I request articles from it through Interlibrary Loan?


Circulation & Fines

Be sure to check out the Central Circulation web pages at the Main Library for campus-wide policies.

Which library materials circulate and for how long?
Do bound/unbound journals circulate?
How do new books circulate? Is the policy different than for regular books?
Can I have books sent to my campus address?
How do I renew a book?
How do I return a book?
The book that I need is currently checked out to someone else. Can you tell me who has it? What are my options for getting this book?


Purchasing Policies & Procedures

How does the Mathematics Library choose its books?
How do I request that a book be purchased for the Mathematics Library?
How do you decide which journals get canceled?
If a journal is cancelled, can I still get articles from it?