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Emerging Journals in Mathematics and Related Fields

The Mathematics Library subscribes to as many mathematics and statistics journals as possible, but it does not subscribe to them all. Nevertheless, we would like you to be aware of what is available, especially those titles that are newer in the field. Below is a list of mathematics journals that have been announced or put into publication since 2009; those titles received at the Mathematics Library are hyperlinked and/or followed with a note containing their location and call number.

* Titles preceded with an asterisk are not available online or at any UIUC library.

The Mathematics Library has print sample copies of some titles to which the library does not subscribe, and these titles are noted below. The samples are available for browsing and are located in the circulation area, on top of the card catalog next to the newly received print journals shelves. Look for the bright yellow sign.

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Acta Universitatis Sapientiae. Mathematica. An International Journal of the Sapientia University (2009)

* Advances and Applications in Mathematical Sciences (2009)

* Advances and Applications in Statistical Sciences (2009)

* Advances in Adaptive Data Analysis. Theory and Applications (2009)

* Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (2009)

Advances in Decision Sciences (2010)

Advances in Mathematical Physics (2009)

* Advances in Nonlinear Analysis (2012)

Advances in Numerical Analysis (2009)

Advances in Operations Research (2009)

Advances in Pure and Applied Mathematics (2010)

Africa Mathematics Annals. AFMA. A Pan African Journal of Mathematics (2010)

* Algorithmic Finance (2011)

Analysis and Geometry in Metric Spaces (2013)

* Analysis and Mathematical Physics (2011)

Annales Mathématiques du Québec (2013)

Annals of Functional Analysis (2010)

Annals of Fuzzy Mathematics and Informatics (2011)

* Annals of Fuzzy Sets, Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Systems (2011)

Applied Mathematics (2010)

* Applied Mathematical and Computational Sciences (2010)

Arabian Journal of Mathematics (2012)

* Asia Pacific Mathematics Newsletter (2011)

* Azerbaijan Journal of Mathematics (2011)



BIOMATH. International Journal on Mathematical Methods and Models in Biosciences (2012)

* Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and Biomathematics (2010)

Bulletin of Mathematical Analysis and Applications (2009)

Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences (2011)



Chamchuri Journal of Mathematics (2009)

Chilean Journal of Statistics (2010)

* Clifford Analysis, Clifford Algebras and Applications (2012)

Communications in Applied and Industrial Mathematics (2010)

* Communications in Mathematics and Applications (2010)

Communications in Numerical Analysis (2011)

* Computability (2012)

Confluentes Mathematici (2009)

Croatian Operational Research Review. CRORR (2010)

* Cryptography and Communications (2009)



Differential Equations & Applications (2009)

* Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications (2009)

* Dynamic Games and Applications (2011)



* East Asian Journal on Applied Mathematics (2011)

Electronic Journal of Graph Theory and Applications. (EJGTA) (2013)

Eurasian Mathematical Journal (2010)

European Actuarial Journal (2011)

* European Journal for Philosophy of Science (2011)

* Evolution Equations and Control Theory (2012)



Forum of Mathematics. Pi (2013)

Forum of Mathematics. Sigma (2013)

Fractional Differential Calculus (2011)

* Fuzzy Information and Engineering (2009)



Games (2010)

GEM. International Journal on Geomathematics (2010)

General Mathematics Notes (2010)

* Georgian International Journal of Science and Technology (2009)

Groups. Complexity. Cryptology (2009)



International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification (2011)

International Journal of Advances in Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics (2009)

International Journal of Analysis (2013)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation (2009)

International Journal of Combinatorics (2009)

International Journal of Differential Equations (2009)

* International Journal of Functional Analysis, Operator Theory and Applications (2009)

International Journal of Group Theory (2012)

* International Journal of Information and Coding Theory. IJICOT (2009)

International Journal of Mathematical Sciences & Applications (2011)

* International Journal of Mathematics in Operational Research (2009)

* International Journal of Metaheuristics (2010)

International Journal of Numerical Analysis and Modeling. Series B (2010)

* International Journal of Numerical Methods and Applications (2009)

An International Journal of Optimization and Control. Theories & Applications. IJOCTA (2011)

* International Journal of Optimization. Theory Methods and Applications (2009)

International Journal of Research Reviews in Applied Sciences (2009)

International Journal of Stochastic Analysis (2010)

ISRN Algebra (2011)

ISRN Applied Mathematics (2011)

ISRN Geometry (2011)

ISRN Mathematical Analysis (2011)



* Jaen Journal on Approximation (2009)

Journal of Abstract Differential Equations and Applications (2010)

* Journal of Advanced Research in Applied Mathematics (2009)

Journal of Advanced Research in Differential Equations (2009)

* Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems (2009)

Journal of Advanced Research in Pure Mathematics (2009)

* Journal of Advanced Research in Scientific Computing (2009)

* Journal of Advanced Research in Statistics and Probability (2009)

Journal of Advanced Studies in Topology (2010)

Journal of Algebra and Computational Applications (2011)

Journal of Algebraic Statistics (2010)

The Journal of Applied Analysis and Computation (2011)

Journal of Combinatorics (2010) - Available in print at the Mathematics Library; call # 511.605 JNC

* Journal of Combinatorics and Number Theory (2009)

Journal of Commutative Algebra (2009)

Journal of Complex Analysis (2013)

Journal of Computational Geometry (2010)

* Journal of Computational Multiphase Flows (2009)

Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (2010)

Journal of Fuzzy Set Valued Analysis (2011)

* Journal of Geometric Mechanics (2009)

Journal of Humanistic Mathematics (2011)

Journal of Inequalities and Applications (2011)

Journal of Inequalities and Special Functions (2010)

* Journal of Informatics and Mathematical Sciences (2009)

Journal of Interpolation and Approximation in Scientific Computing (2012)

Journal of Logic and Analysis (2009)

Journal of Math-for-Industry (JMI) (2009)

Journal of Mathematical Analysis (2010)

Journal of Mathematical and Computational Science (2011)

Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience (2011)

Journal of Mathematical Sciences & Computer Applications (2010)

Journal of Mathematics in Industry (2011)

Journal of Mathematics Research (2009)

* Journal of Multiscale Modelling (2009)

Journal of Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization. Theory and Applications (2010)

Journal of Numerical Mathematics and Stochastics (2009)

Journal of Probability and Statistics (2009)

* Journal of Pseudo-Differential Operators and Applications (2010)

* Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics. Advances and Applications (2009)

Journal of Singularities (2010)

The Journal of Software for Algebra and Geometry (2009)

Journal of Spectral Theory (2011)

Journal of the International Mathematical Virtual Institute (2011)

* Journal of Time Series Econometrics (2009)

Journal of Topology and Analysis (2009)

JSIAM Letters (2009)



Mathematica Æterna (2011)

* Mathematical Control and Related Fields (2011)

* Mathematical Models and Computer Simulations (2009)

* Mathematical Programming Computation (2009)

* Moscow Journal of Combinatorics and Number Theory (2011)



* Numerical Algebra, Control and Optimization (2011)



Open Journal of Discrete Mathematics (2011)

Open Journal of Statistics (2011)

Open Numerical Methods Journal (2009)

Open Statistics & Probability Journal (2009)



* p-Adic Numbers, Ultrametric Analysis, and Applications (2009)

Palestine Journal of Mathematics (2012)

Publications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences (2010) - Available in print at the Mathematics Library; call # 510.5 KYOU



Quantitative Economics (2010)

* Quantum Topology (2010)



* Random Matrices. Theory and Applications (2012)

Romanian Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science (2011)



* SeMA Journal. Boletin de la Sociedad Espanñola de Matemática Aplicada (2011)

SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification (2013)

SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics (2010)

* Statistical Communications in Infectious Diseases (2009)

Stochastic Systems (2011)

Symmetry (2009)



Transactions on Combinatorics (2012)

Transylvanian Journal of Mathematics and Mechanics (2009)

TWMS Journal of Applied and Engineering Mathematics (2011)

TWMS Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (2010)