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Alphabetical List of Special Collections

NOTE: As of March 2015, all collections file folders have been moved to the Sousa Archives and Center for American Music.  They can be found in the Music Library Administrative Records, 1944-2007, in Series 3: Closed Music Library Special Collections Lead Files.  Files that correspond to an individual record series were moved into Sousa’s control file cabinets, organized by record series.  See the archive for more information.

* Denotes a Sousa Archives and Center for American Music Collection. Some collections were initially held in the Music Library Special Collections, but because of their archival nature, were moved into the Sousa Archive’s care.

** Denotes a dispersed gift or purchased collection. Most of these collections are dispersed among the circulating/cataloged collection, and some collections have not remained together.

Gift collections are typically large collections of a patron’s private library. Today, the Music Library still receives gifts but they are not included as a special collection.

+ Denotes a collection located in the University Press Building or missing. These were often gift collections. Unfortunately, some collections received many years ago were moved to multiple locations have no confirmed location. Missing collections are most likely in the University Press Building, but would require searching. Please expect limited access.