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Welcome to the Mortenson Center

Since the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs was founded in 1991, over 1,300 library professionals from 90 countries have participated in the Center's innovative programs. We also work with our librarian colleagues in countries around the world. 
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2017 Associates Program


Cost Estimate

Past Programs

2017 Associates Program Cost Estimate

For the most up-to-date cost estimates, please contact the Mortenson Center directly:

Applicants accepted by the Mortenson Center must send a $500 deposit in order to hold their place in the program. This non-refundable deposit will be deducted from your program fees.

Program Costs:

The Program Costs cover processing fees, speakers' fees, transportation while in Illinois, insurance, program materials and other logistics.

The Housing Costs cover a dorm-style single room on campus and shared hotel accommodations while on out-of-town excursions.

Living Expenses and Administrative Costs (to be paid to the Mortenson Center before program begins)

Housing       $1,500   
Program Costs                               $2,500
TOTAL $4,000


Other Program Expenses

Participants must bring money for meals and personal expenses. The Mortenson Center will plan shopping trips to local grocery stores so that participants can purchase food and personal items. Some meals will be provided.

Round-Trip Ticket to be determined    
Visa Costs (if necessary in participant's country) $300
Meals During Program (many options: restaurants, grocery stores, cafeteria) estimated at $500
Personal Expenses $500
OPTIONAL: American Library Association Conference (June 22-27, 2017; Chicago) $1,500-$2,000