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Reminder: Data Management Workshops
Mar 30, 2015
The Library's data management workshop series is being offered again in April.

Databib and merge
Mar 13, 2015
Two research data repository registries - Databib and - have merged into a single registry, using the name.

New public access plans released
Feb 27, 2015
Three funding agencies - AHRQ, USDA and NASA - have recently released plans for public access to research data and publications.

UIUC Data Management Video
Feb 4, 2015
A brief video that highlights important data management topics is now available.

Data Management Workshops
Feb 4, 2015
This spring semester the Library is offering a series of data management workshops.

Reminder: Data Management Workshops
Oct 14, 2014
The Library's series of data management workshops begins next week, with Intro to Data Management and Publication.

DOE Public Access Plan
Oct 1, 2014
Starting October 1, some new requirements take effect for scholarly publications and data generated with DOE funding.

Reminder: Data Purchase Program
Sep 15, 2014
The application deadline for the Library's Data Purchase Program is September 29.

Data Purchase Program
Aug 29, 2014
Apply for University Library funds to acquire data for your research!

Data Management Workshops
Aug 29, 2014
This fall semester the Library is offering a series of data management workshops.

New Version of the DMPTool
Jun 11, 2014
The DMPTool, an online wizard for creating data management plans (DMPs), now has a new version available.

GitHub Primer
May 23, 2014
A blog post to increase understanding of GitHub for managing data and code.

PLOS Data Policy
Mar 3, 2014
Beginning this month, the revised PLOS Data Policy requires authors to provide a Data Availability Statement when submitting a manuscript.

Dataset DOI Pilot
Feb 9, 2014
UIUC researchers will soon have an opportunity to obtain a unique identifier, a DOI, for their data as part of a pilot project.

Intro to Data Management workshop
Feb 3, 2014
The Library's Intro to Data Management workshop is being offered twice this spring.

UIUC data management guide
Jan 17, 2014
A data management guide is now available on the Scholarly Commons' website.

Draft Data Citation Principles
Dec 5, 2013
A Force11 working group has released a Draft Declaration of Data Citation Principles for public comment.

Genome Browsers Workshop
Nov 18, 2013
UIUC's HPCBio group is conducting a Genome Browsers Workshop on Dec. 3-4, 2013

Science: Biology's Dry Future
Oct 31, 2013
"Biology's Dry Future," published in Science (11 Oct. 2013), discusses the increasing role of publicly available data in making discoveries.

NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy
Oct 31, 2013
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is requesting public comments on a draft Genomic Data Sharing Policy.

OpenHelix on mobile devices
Oct 22, 2013
Last week OpenHelix announced that their tutorials can now run on mobile devices.

Victoria Stodden to speak on 10/24
Oct 7, 2013
During Open Access Week, Victoria Stodden (Columbia University) will speak on open access, open data, and open code.

Reminder: Data Purchase Program
Sep 25, 2013
Remember the application deadline for the University Library's Data Purchase Program is October 7, 2013.

Intro to Data Management workshop
Aug 27, 2013
The Library's Intro to Data Management workshop is being offered twice this fall.

Scholarly Commons' Data Consulting
Aug 26, 2013
Fall semester hours are announced for data consultation in the Scholarly Commons.

Data Purchase Program
Aug 26, 2013
The University Library has announced the 2013 Data Purchase Program.

Data in PDFs
Jul 15, 2013
The issue of extracting data from PDFs was recently discussed on the Biostar site, which is a forum for bioinformatics.

NPG to launch Scientific Data
May 31, 2013
Nature Publishing Group (NPG) has announced the spring 2014 launch of Scientific Data, an open-access, online-only platform for describing scientific datasets. Agricultural Community
May 3, 2013
The Food, Agriculture and Rural virtual community on was launched last week.

Recent Dryad Announcements
May 1, 2013
In April, the Dryad repository announced a redesigned website and submission fees.

NSF BIO DMP Guidance Updated
Apr 24, 2013
Earlier this year the NSF Biological Sciences Directorate (BIO) updated the guidance on data management plans.

Federally Funded Research
Feb 25, 2013
The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy has released a memo concerning public access to results of federally funded research.

Supplemental Materials
Feb 12, 2013
NISO and NFAIS have published "Recommended Practices for Online Supplemental Journal Article Materials"

Intro to Data Management workshop
Jan 22, 2013
The Intro to Data Management workshop is being offered twice this spring.

DMP Tips & Examples
Dec 14, 2012
A Data Pub blog post included tips for creating high-quality data management plans and links to examples.

Data Citation Index trial
Nov 16, 2012
The University Library has arranged a trial to Thomson Reuters' new Data Citation Index.

Reminder: Data Management workshop
Nov 6, 2012
Due to high demand, a repeat of the Library's Intro to Data Management workshop will be offered on November 13.

ORCID now available
Nov 5, 2012
ORCID, which provides individual researchers with a persistent digital identifier, was launched last month.

Data Citation Index webinars
Nov 2, 2012
Thomson Reuters is offering introductory webinars for its new Data Citation Index.

Intro to Data Management workshop
Oct 29, 2012
Due to high demand, a repeat of the Library's Intro to Data Management workshop will be offered on November 13.

Data Plans for NSF & NIH Grants
Oct 12, 2012
At the Oct. 16 IGB seminar, Sarah Williams and Sarah Shreeves will present practical resources for NSF and NIH data management and data sharing plans

Introduction to Galaxy workshop
Oct 10, 2012
An Introduction to Galaxy workshop is being offered to the University of Illinois community October 16-17, 2012

Data in NSF Bio Sketch
Oct 10, 2012
Starting January 2013, datasets can be included in biographical sketches for NSF grant proposals.

Reminder: Data Purchase Program
Oct 8, 2012
Remember the application deadline for the University Library's Data Purchase Program is October 15, 2012.

DataUp: A tool for Excel
Oct 5, 2012
DataUp, an open source tool for working with data in Excel, has been released by the California Digital Library.

Coursera - Clinical Data Management
Sep 26, 2012
Coursera will offer a Data Management for Clinical Research course

Data Citation Index to be released
Sep 26, 2012
In late 2012, the Data Citation Index will be released on the Web of Knowledge platform.

Reminder: Data Management workshop
Sep 19, 2012
Remember the Library's Intro to Data Management workshop is September 27 at 5pm

Data Purchase Program
Sep 4, 2012
The University Library has announced the 2012 Data Purchase Program.

Intro to Data Management workshop
Aug 28, 2012
New to the Library's Savvy Researcher Workshops - Intro to Data Management

Funder Data Management Requirements
Aug 22, 2012
A recent article, "De-Mystifying the Data Management Requirements of Research Funders," maybe of interest to librarians and researchers.

Pew Report: The Future of Big Data
Aug 8, 2012
In July the Pew Internet & American Life Project released a report - The Future of Big Data.

MaizeGDB Tutorial
Aug 8, 2012
The OpenHelix Blog highlighted the MaizeGDB Genome Browser tutorial.

DataONE Goes Live
Jul 27, 2012
DataONE, an earth and environmental sciences data portal, went live this week.

Dryad June 2012 Newsletter
Jul 13, 2012
The latest Dryad newsletter includes information on sustainability planning, new integrated journals, and new features.

Dryad Information for Librarians
Jul 13, 2012
The e-Science Community Blog has an informational post - Dryad for Science Librarians.

NSF Dear Colleague Letter
Jun 14, 2012
NSF has released a Dear Colleague Letter about integrative data management infrastructures.

Quick Guide to Data Citation
Jun 6, 2012
IASSIST Special Interest Group on Data Citation has published a Quick Guide to Data Citation

Agricultural data initiatives
May 4, 2012
At the U.S. Agricultural Information Network conference, a few international agricultural data initiatives were presented.

NCBI's BioProject
Apr 26, 2012
NCBI's BioProject is highlighted in a Video Tip of the Week on the OpenHelix blog

BioMed Central data publishing
Apr 18, 2012
BioMed Central has partnered with LabArchives for scientific data publishing

"Big Data" Initiative
Mar 30, 2012
The Obama Administration announced a "Big Data Research and Development Initiative."

Jeff Ubois to speak April 12
Mar 30, 2012
Jeff Ubois, founder and chair of the Personal Digital Archiving conferences, will speak on April 12 at 4pm in Room 126 Library and Information Science Building.

Scholarly Commons has moved
Mar 26, 2012
The Scholarly Commons in the Main Library has moved to room 306.

Databib is in beta
Mar 16, 2012
Databib, an online, community-driven, annotated bibliography of research data repositories, is now available in beta.

Myron Gutmann to speak Mar. 15
Mar 5, 2012
Dr. Myron Gutmann, assistant director of NSF, will speak on March 15 at 10:30am in Room 126 Library and Information Science Building.

Dryad receives more NSF funding
Mar 1, 2012
NSF has announced an addition $2.4M for the Dryad repository.

Data Information Literacy program
Mar 1, 2012
A partnership of research universities has received IMLS funding to develop a data training program for graduate students.

DMPTool now supports NIH
Mar 1, 2012
Support for NIH's data sharing requirements has been added to the DMPTool.

FigShare: Scientific file sharing
Feb 23, 2012
FigShare is a scientific file sharing platform for all types of research outputs

OpenHelix now available
Feb 9, 2012
The UIUC Library now subscribes to OpenHelix, a bioinformatics and genomics resource.

ISA Commons
Feb 2, 2012
"Toward interoperable bioscience data" (Nature Genetics, Feb 2012) presents ISA Commons.

Scholarly Commons' Data Consulting
Feb 2, 2012
Spring semester hours are announced for data consultation in the Scholarly Commons.

DMP webinar posted
Jan 19, 2012
Slides & recording are posted of the DMP: Tips, Tricks & Tools webinar

Update on NBII resources
Jan 18, 2012
NBII site lists partner organizations that will provide access to resources.

DMP: Tips, Tricks & Tools webinars
Jan 9, 2012
Data management plan webinars from the California Digital Library - Jan 11 & 19

Current state of NSF DMP reviews
Jan 9, 2012
Information about the current state of NSF data management plan reviews

NBII terminated Jan 15
Jan 6, 2012
NBII site and related resources will be terminated on January 15, 2012.

NYTimes: DNA Data Deluge
Dec 1, 2011
A New York Times article about the data deluge from DNA sequencing.

GigaScience journal and database
Nov 30, 2011
GigaScience is a journal and a database for large biological datasets.

DMPTool supports more NSF divisions
Nov 30, 2011
The DMPTool has added support for more NSF directorates and divisions.

Public access to funded research
Nov 11, 2011
Federal government is requesting input on public access to federally funded scientific research.

DMPTool officially launched
Nov 2, 2011
The DMPTool is an online application for researchers to generate data management plans.