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Sarah C. Williams
Life Sciences Data Services Librarian
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NSF Biological Sciences Data Management Plan

The specialized Data Management Plan (DMP) requirements for the NSF Biological Sciences Directorate (updated October 2015) state that each DMP should address the issues below, as appropriate.  An overview of general NSF DMP information might provide some context.

Biological Sciences Directorate Templates


DMPTool is an online tool to help researchers create data management plans for NSF directorates and divisions, including the Biological Sciences Directorate.  UIUC partnered with several other major research institutions to create this resource.

UIUC DMP Template

The UIUC Biological Sciences Directorate DMP template has been phased out in favor of the DMPTool, which provides DMP templates for many funding agencies.  If you have thoughts or comments about this, please feel free to contact me - Sarah Williams, Life Sciences Data Services Librarian.