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Collection of web links for LIS

Sep 9, 2011

The LIS Virtual Library now offers an expanded and updated collection of web links to help you find relevant, high-quality information on a range of LIS topics.  Click on “Websites by Topic” in the left-hand column.    

Credit goes to LEEP student Ann Johnston, who worked with LIS Librarian Sue Searing in a practicum course.   Ann re-designed the collection guide page based on a card-sort exercise with GSLIS students, instituted a new method for maintaining and updating the collection using Delicious link rolls, verified URLs, and discovered many new resources to expand the listings.

is something missing?  Please recommend additional resources to include under the thirty-plus topics represented in the collection.  And please suggest new topics to add.  We would like this collection of web links to continue as a collaborative project between the GSLIS and the library.  To make suggestions, use the web form that’s linked within the collection, or email us at