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I-Share borrowing changes

Jul 30, 2010

CARLI has set a target date of August 4, 2010 for implementing changes to standardize circulation policies that apply to I-Share borrowing.  These changes are designed to provide patrons more consistent and predictable resource sharing services across the I-Share member libraries.


Policies covering loan periods, maximum number of renewals, blocks, etc. will be consistent among all I-Share libraries.  The loan period for all materials borrowed through I-Share will be 28 days.  Items may be renewed 3 times, for a maximum loan period of 112 days (16 weeks).  Patrons with more than 25 overdue items from I-Share libraries will be blocked from further borrowing until the overdues are resolved.  Other situations can also trigger blocks.  This policy may result in some patrons being immediately blocked from borrowing I-Share items because they have already reached a block threshold.


NOTE: The policy changes do NOT affect UIUC patrons borrowing UIUC items from UIUC libraries.  Existing policies for local borrowing by local patrons will remain in effect.


Patrons with questions about the impact of these changes on their accounts may contact Main Circ Desk at 217-333-8400 or    As always, patrons with billing questions may contact the Library Billing Office at 217-333-8288 or


For more details please refer to CARLI's "I-Share Library Resource Sharing Code".  This is a lengthy document.  Specific details about standard UB borrowing policies can be found in Appendix A.  The document is available at: