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Changes to I-Share catalog

May 19, 2010

The new VuFind version of the I-Share catalog is now available for use at  Both the "classic" interface and the new VuFind interface will be available throughout the month of May.  Starting June 1, 2010, VuFind will be the only option for searching the collections of the 76 I-Share libraries.  All requests to borrow books from I-Share libraries will also be placed in VuFind.

The UIUC Library's local catalog will remain available in both the "classic" Voyager interface and the VuFind interface after June 1, 2010. You will be able to search our local collections using either interface.  Note that VuFind does not support call number searching or limiting searches to unit libraries.  Our local "classic" catalog will continue to offer both these services.  

Beginning in June, the "Repeat this search" and "Find other available copies" links in the local catalog will link to the VuFind version of the I-Share catalog.  Because the VuFind database is indexed differently than the Voyager databases, the search results will be comparable, but may not be exactly the same as they would have been in Voyager.

The VuFind Union Catalog will display location and holdings information for up to five I-Share libraries randomly selected from among the owning libraries.  This will be followed by links to all I-Share libraries that own the item, allowing you to select any available copy to request.

To request items from the University of Illinois Library or other I-Share libraries using VuFind, you must create a user account in the VuFind system.   You will need your 14 digit Library ID to set up a new account, but once the account has been created you will logon with a user name and password of your own choosing.

If you're not already familiar with the VuFind interface, this would be a great time to start using it in preparation for the June cutover.  

For more information, see the UI Library VuFind help page: