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Webinars on information literacy

May 11, 2010

The User Education Committee and the New Services Models Program of the University Library invite you to join us for the following professional development webinars provided through the LOEX Clearinghouse and ACRL:

Wednesday, May 19, 12pm - 1pm - Telling the Story: using narratives to
explain WHY information literacy education is important and get students
to invested in what we do (LOEX)

Thursday, May 20, 12pm - 1pm - Enhancing the One-Shot sessions: Using
Pre-Class Online Tutorials to Build a Basic Information Literacy
Foundation (LOEX)

Tuesday, May 25, 12pm - 1pm - Step Away from the Podium!  A Lesson Plan
for Peer Learning (LOEX)

Tuesday, May 25, 1pm-2:30pm - Design Thinking Your Way to Information
Literacy Innovation (ACRL)

Wednesday, May 26, 12pm - 1pm - Building Bridges: Restructuring online
library tutorials to span the generation gap and meet the needs of
millennial students (LOEX)

Thursday, May 27, 12pm - 1pm - A Librarian and a Hashtag: Embedded
Virtually in a Classroom via Twitter (LOEX)

Thursday, June 10, 1pm-2:30pm - Promoting Information Literacy through a
Better Designed Learning User Experience (ACRL)

Thursday, July 08, 1pm-2:30pm - The Blended Librarian's Approach to
Rethinking Instruction and Redesigning the Information Literacy
Initiative (ACRL)


Full descriptions of the sessions are online at:

    LOEX (

    ACRL (

All sessions will take place in 314 Main Library and will be archived for future use.