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LIS journal prices increase - again

Apr 14, 2011

Once again, the annual subscription price of LIS journals has gone up faster than the general inflation rate.  According to Library Journal's "Periodical Price Survey 2011," the average LIS journal now costs $616 - a 5% increase over 2010, and a cumulative 10% increase since 2009.  By comparison, the Consumer Price Index dropped in 2009 and only increased slightly, 1.6%, in 2010.  Other fields were harder hit:  the cost of journals in language and literature rose 29% between 2009 and 2011; philosophy and religion, 22%.  The smallest increases were in physics, zoology, food science, general social sciences, law, mathematics, and computer science--all under 10%.  While LIS journal price increases are below those of most other academic fields, they still outpace the available funding.  The LJ article delves into the complexities of current and emerging pricing models for print, online, and print+online subscriptions, and also looks at the impact that mobile technologies will inevitably have on journal publishing and use.