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LIS Methods Roundtable

Apr 4, 2013

The next installment of the LIS Research Methods Roundtable Series will focus on interviews and focus groups.

This roundtable will take place Monday, April 15, 4-5pm in Room 126 at GSLIS. The panelists will include Emily Knox, Assistant Professor at GSLIS; Kathryn La Barre, Associate Professor at GSLIS; and Sarah Williams, Life Sciences Data Services Librarian at Funk ACES Library.  These three have used interviews and focus groups for projects including the worldviews of book challengers, the information needs surrounding folktales, and user experiences of library digital tools, among others.

About the LIS Methods Roundtable Series

The LIS Methods Roundtable series introduces LIS research methods and the particular issues that arise in the research process. It is directed to all those who may be new to LIS research, or who may have years of experience in some research methods but want to try something new. Roundtables focus on particular methods and includes panelists from the University Library and GSLIS who have experience conducting research with those methods. Panelists discuss how they confronted issues common to all projects in their specific experiences: why they chose a particular method, research method and instrument design and revision, negotiating the IRB process, data analysis, and useful tools and resources. A question and answer period gives time for the audience to ask specific questions related to the focus method and the particular research projects that employed them.


If you have questions or comments about this series, including what you would like to see included, please contact