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New workshop for GSLIS students

Mar 15, 2012

Back to Basics: The Foundation of Database Research for GSLIS


GSLIS students, have you ever felt that your professors and peers assume that you already know how to be an effective researcher? Are you afraid and embarrassed that you might be exposed as a clumsy and awkward researcher, a library neophyte? Join us for a safe, hands-on, informative exploration of the main library databases of our discipline: LISA, LISTA, and Library Lit. Bring all of your questions. If you have research topics, bring them with you and get started with your research.

• Experiment with the different facets of the LISA, LISTA, and Library Lit databases.

• Learn how to maintain a research log.

• Get started on your research project.


Taught by your peer, Barbara Ramsey

Date/time: April 2nd from 5-6pm

Location: 314 Main Library