Library Search Greasemonkey Script for the Firefox Browser

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Add the Library Greasemonkey Script

Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension which lets you to add scripts to any web page to change its behavior. This Library search script will place a link in the interface letting you know if a book is available or not at the UIUC Library.

This script will turn this:
Image of the Top of an page before the greasemonkey script

into this:
Image of the Top of an page after the greasemonkey script

When you click on the link a new browser window will be opened and a search for that book will be performed in the online catalog. Note, an ISBN search is being done so only this edition of the book is being searched for.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download Firefox (if you don't have it already) 
  2. Install the Greasemonkey Firefox extension. You will have to close and restart Firefox to finish the installation. 
  3. Install the UIUC Greasemonkey Script Note: When you click on this link you should see "Greetings, fellow traveler! This is a Greasemonkey User Script. Click Install to start using it" at the top of the screen. Click install and you are done.