Prairie Research Institute Library


Prairie Research Institute

The purpose of the Prairie Research Institute Library is to collect, preserve, promote, document, and collaborate in the scientific research and educational activities of the Institute. This library was recently formed from the merger of the libraries of the Illinois Natural History Survey, Illinois State Geological Survey, Illinois State Water Survey, and Illinois Sustainable Technology Center. The Institute Library, located at 1816 S. Oak St. in the south research park, represents both a merger of print collections and collaboration among the State Scientific Surveys and the University Library to provide library service to Institute Staff, the campus community, and the citizens of Illinois. The library is open to the public, and all are welcome. 

The combined topical strengths of the collection and subject expertise of the Prairie Research Institute's  four librarians are conservation, earth sciences, ecology, energy, environmental protection, mines and minerals, natural history, natural resources of all types, paleontology, sustainable business and industry, water resources, and weather with a focus on Illinois-specific and Illinois-relevant content. The Institute Library's holdings can be found in the University Library's online catalog, and are available for checkout by University faculty, staff, and students. The public can apply for a University courtesy borrowing card to borrow materials. Numerous special collections of maps, images, field notes, and other materials are owned by the Institute.