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Description of the card files of the Kolb-Proust Archive

Person file Correspondence file Chronological file Place file File of stationery and watermarks
File of literary and artistic works Periodical file

Bibliographical file of texts by and about Proust

File of literary citations File of persons of Proust's era not in correspondence

French version/version française

Person file

Lists all of the known correspondents of Proust, people mentioned in the correspondence, their literary works, and the names of characters in the works. (Alphabetical order by name)

Correspondence file

Lists all of the letters written and received by Proust. Every letter which is known to exist has its own card. (Chronological order)

Chronological file

Lists events both from Proust's life and from his era which are important to dating the correspondence. These citations of events come from letters of known date, from newspapers of the period, from memoires written by Proust's friends, from biographies, etc. (Chronological order)

Place file

Lists all place names which appear in the correspondence (cities, regions, streets, hotels) and contains in addition three subdivisions: hotels of Paris, hotels elsewhere in France, and private clubs in France. (Alphabetical order)

File of stationery and watermarks

Lists the different kinds of stationery used by Proust throughout his life. Professor Kolb made drawings of the watermarks and listed the letters associated with each. When the text of a letter contains no other datable element, the watermark and the size of the stationery can determine a likely timeframe for the composition of the letter based on a comparison with other dated letters. (By name of watermark)

File of literary and artistic works

Lists titles of literary, theatrical and musical works mentioned in the correspondence. These cards give only the title and author of the work, referring the user to the file of persons, where the works are ordered alphabetically after the card for the author. (Alphabetical order by title)

Periodical file

Lists the newspapers and journals of Proust's era, with their frequency of publication, the date of first publication, their political leanings, the names of their directors and contributors, and references to articles concerning Proust or cited in the correspondence. (Alphabetical order by title of periodical)

Bibliographical file of texts by and about Proust

Lists all of the texts by Proust published either during his lifetime or posthumously, all of the articles published about him until 1922, and some books and articles published after his death. (Chronological order, in 2 parts : texts by Proust, texts about Proust)

File of literary citations

Lists all the literary citations found in the correspondence, including the text as cited by Proust, the original text (which may differ) and the references for the excerpt. (Alphabetical order by author)

File of persons of Proust's era not appearing in the correspondence

Lists certain persons who lived in Proust's time but who are not mentioned in the known corpus of his letters. These people may be important for independent research on the period or may appear in letters not yet published. This file completes and complements the person file. (Alphabetical by name)