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Library IT Web Team

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The Web Team facilitates the development, deployment, and maintenance of web services and applications within the Library. The Web Team creates and modifies templates and elements for use by Library Faculty and Staff with various web management systems. Also, the Web Team trains, supports, and troubleshoots problems in the use of Library web content platforms, including the integration of third party code/resources into library managed web content (Flickr, Twitter, etc).

Content Management System

The majority of the U of I library web content is managed through OpenCMS, a website content management system. The Web Team provides training and support for library web editors. You must be on campus or using the CITES VPN to access the CMS:

Web Development Toolbox

These are some helpful web development resources:

Web Technologies at the Library

Below are web technologies currently in use or development at the U of I libraries. The term "web technologies" is defined as either software that creates content delivered on the web or a web service.

Please let us know if your library is using or plans to use any web technologies that are not listed.