Library IT Infrastructure Maintenance & Support (IMS)

424 Main Library
1408 W Gregory Dr
Urbana, IL 61801

Library IT IMS Projects

Below is a list of all the recently completed, current, and planned projects that the Library IT IMS group is working on. Click project name (where available) to see the details about a project and its current status.

Immediate and Upcoming Activities as of May 2015

Starting May 20, UIUC AD users will be removed from the G and H drives.  We expect the process will be complete by May 23.  Every effort will be made to ensure that there are equivalent UOFI domain objects with the appropriate permissions before removing the UIUC credentials.  This is expected to have no impact on end users, but please file a ticket with the Help Desk if you need to request permissions.

Starting May 20, UIUC AD users will be removed from MSSQL database servers.  Unlike the G and H drives, some users may not have equivalent credentials created in the UOFI domain.  This phase has a hard deadline of June 19, but is only the first step in a much larger effort to tighten security on database and web applications.  The full scope for this project will be announced on or shortly after May 20.

Starting May 20, redirect rules that fetch content from Cooper will be changed to fetch content from Apacheprod.  Content will be migrated automatically.  Samba shares will be turned off on Cooper on May 20, and will be reinstated on Apacheprod as work progresses.  Once all redirects are in place, the Cooper server will be retired.  This project has a hard deadline of June 19.

Starting June 2, the UIUC Handle service will be upgraded.  The process requires coordination with OCLC, software development, and infrastructure, and is expected to be completed by June 19.

Recently completed Projects

  • Tier 2 storage implementation - brought approximately 180 TB of data online for Medusa ingest, Media Commons scratch space, and digitization work flows
  • Server room consolidation - closed a server room in the Grainger Library, and combined infrastructure to operate as two tightly coupled virtual server clusters instead of three that did not talk to each other
  • Email consolidation - migrated all email to Exchange and removed the Library email server
  • Server automation - used Puppet to automate server patching and configuration management
  • Change control - developed processes and procedures for making changes to production services with minimal interruption
  • SFX outsource - migrated SFX Discover services to CARLI, resulting in 40% annual savings over the in-house hosting
  • OTRS upgrade - moved from version 2.3 to version 4.0

Planned Projects

  • Database audit
  • IIS audit
  • Apache audit
  • service commitments
  • wordpress
  • omeka
  • chat
  • logs
  • global load balancing
  • service life cycle
  • backup implementation
  • IPMonitor
  • Server 2003 retirement
  • UIUC retirement
  • server network audit
  • proxy audit
  • student sandboxes for IIS, Apache
  • application deployment training
  • offsite replication audit
  • develop and train on standard operating procedures
  • develop and train on policies
  • public printing
  • mailform retirement
  • Voyager upgrade
  • data classification